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Vote In Democratic Primary TODAY - Charlie Voelker - For NY State Senator of Albany County - Volunteer - Polls Open From 12-9PM

The University of Albany NEEDS a voice in the New York State Senate! Finally, the University has a potential NYS Senator that would fight for the University's future, Charlie Voelker. The University has the support in the Assembly, but it is vital to have the support in the Senate as well. Charlie Voelker will deliver huge dividends for UAlbany and Albany county.

Charlie Voelker Campaign

“Getting Charlie elected could be HUGE for our programs. Both athletic and educational. We need a Senator from Albany that is willing to work for the school as hard as LaValle with Stony Brook.” Quote from an acquaintance of Charlie Voelker.

The first step: Democratic Primary: Voting takes place on Tuesday, September 9.

This is a big first step. Charlie Voelker will need you to get out and vote on September 9th, as he is aiming to oust (D)Neil Breslin, and break up the monopoly Breslin and his brothers hold on Albany politics.

If you are a University of Albany supporter, in athletics or academics, or an Albany County resident, you need to support Charlie Voelker. As a hometown man, he has our interests at heart. He has spent his life in Albany and supporting the university.

Charlie will certainly invest in his alma mater. By investing in the university, the returns for Albany country are enormous. The University already has a 2 billion dollar economic impact on Albany County. Although a state university, it is the largest, by far, economic engine in the region. Without the university and its growth, Albany country will suffer.

Residents in Albany County belong to District 46 of the NYS Senate:
Albany, Colonie, Guilderland, Knox, Bethlehem, New Scotland, Berne, Westerlo, Coeymans, Rensselearville, the cities of Cohoes and Watervliet, and the Village/Town of Green Island

District Map

Volunteer: This weekend and on PRIMARY DAY

The Voelker campaign would appreciate any assistance you could provide. Lawn signs, door to door, etc.

They seek volunteers to go to their local polling places from 4:30 to 6:30 or thereabouts on Tuesday, September 9. They will provide volunteers with t-shirts, signs and information to hand out to voters.

Call: (best option)
(518) 281-3554
(518) 429-1701


A Word From Charlie Voelker:

Welcome to Demand More Albany. I am very excited about the upcoming few weeks. It is time to restore the pride in New York State government. There have been periods in our history where citizens have had to stand up and change the direction our leaders have taken. September 9 is your chance to stand up for you and your family.

It’s time that we elect a person that has real business development experience; one that has fresh ideas on how to lower taxes and stimulate job growth. It is time that we elect a senator who has lived his entire life in New York State; one whot was educated by, worked in and understands our state university system. It’s time to elect a state senator who will work full-time to fix our state’s problems; one who has been a long-time union member and knows the needs of our workforce. It’s that time and I am that person. I want to work for you and your family as your state senator. I know what it takes to work with people and businesses to put New York back on top.

It’s time to say goodbye to Senator Breslin and his 12 years in office watching time go by while New York approaches financial ruin. It’s time to say no more to Senator Breslin turning a blind eye to his fellow lawyers taking advantage of the state pension fund. It’s time to say no more to Senator Breslin working for a law firm that specializes in creating union free work places. It’s time to say no more to Senator Breslin voting on issues that involve both of his brothers, yet affect all of our families. It is time to say No More, Senator Breslin.

There are those who would have us believe that this cannot be done. I believe that they are the people who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. We can no longer let them stand in the way of our state’s progress. Our communities are fortunate to have great people and I am confident that together, we can fix New York.

I am a firm believer that global action starts locally. I believe that we have to demand more of our legislators and of ourselves. I am asking each and every one you to join me. I want you to help identify problems. Tell me your ideas and solutions. Engage in your community like never before. I am asking you to Demand More Albany.

Please use our website to share your views and we ask that you get the word out to your friends and neighbors. We don’t have much time left but we can do this. We truly appreciate your support and welcome you to the team. I will see you soon.
Best always, Charlie Voelker

Charlie Voelker Biography

Charles Patrick Voelker was born April 7, 1964. Raised in Garden City, New York, Charlie was the youngest of Robert and Claire Voelker’ s six children. The late Robert Voelker owned and operated a real estate business for more than 25 years and was a World War II veteran, serving in the U. S. Marine Corps in the Pacific theater until 1945. Claire Voelker, in addition to raising the children, was an elementary school teacher for 19 years. Together, Robert and Claire instilled in their children the value of hard work and sacrifice.

Charlie attended the University at Albany and graduated in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Rhetoric and Communications.
After graduation, he joined Capital Cablevision as a commercial engineer. Charlie worked in a variety of capacities for the cable company that would later become Time Warner Cable. In his decade long tenure, Charlie wrote and produced television commercials; worked as on-air talent in news and promotional segments; voiced television and radio commercials and sold cable advertising.

In 1995, Charlie began working as the radio color commentator for the College of Saint Rose’s men’s basketball team.
The following year he moved over to his alma mater, UAlbany, to partner with Rodger Wyland of WNYT TV. Charlie and Rodger were the voices of Great Dane Football and Basketball from 1996 – 2002.

In 1997, Charlie left Time Warner Cable to become the Vice President and General Manager of the Albany-Colonie Diamond Dogs minor league baseball team. Under his leadership, from 1997 to 2001, the franchise attendance skyrocketed from 56,000 in 1996 to over 100,000 in 2001. In addition, the Diamond Dogs made the playoffs every year and won the Northern League Championship in 1999. In both 2000 and 2001, Charlie was awarded the “Northern League General Manager of the Year” distinction.

Charlie returned to UAlbany’s athletic department full-time in 2003 to head up the university’s athletic marketing and ticket efforts. Charlie’s focus has included increasing UAlbany’s television exposures; game attendance and revenues; and the development of corporate partnerships. Charlie’s marketing plan was integral to the recent naming of SEFCU arena. He is currently the Associate Athletic Director of External Affairs.

Charlie serves on the Board of Directors for the Northeast Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and is involved in major fundraising efforts for the organization including its annual “Walk for the Cure.” He serves on the organizing committee for the Coaches vs. Cancer Basket Ball for the American Cancer Society and is the America East Conference representative for the National Association of Collegiate Marketing Administrators. In addition, Charlie serves on the External Standards committee for the America East.

Charlie and his wife Kim live in Delmar. Kim is also an alumnus of UAlbany.
Charlie has a seven-year-old son. His greatest enjoyment comes from spending time with his family. Charlie’s hobbies include reading, fishing, golf and watching baseball.

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