Thursday, July 17, 2008

UAlbany’s Center for Technology in Government Holds the 2008 iGov Research Institute in Manchester, UK

The University of Albany - SUNY’s Center for Technology in Government (CTG) is holding its second annual iGov Research Institute (iGov 2008) in Manchester, United Kingdom. Twenty doctoral students from around the world will attend the week-long program focused on ways to advance, study, and understand digital government research in an international context.

iGov 2008 is organized around the theme of “The City” as a coherent unit of government that operates within a larger world. The institute’s academic program will cover cross-cultural and interdisciplinary research strategies and digital government research frameworks. The practical focus for 2008 will emphasize urban regeneration and citizen engagement in government decision making. It includes academic activities and practical field visits to venues that demonstrate the use of information and communication technology, along with innovative public management and community involvement, to address these issues. Students will take part in site visits to the Gorton Monastery, the Manchester Digital Development Agency, the EastServe Community Development Project, Manchester Town Hall, and the Centre for the Urban Built Environment.

“The overall goal is to help young scholars develop an appreciation for the global impact of information and communication technologies on the public sector,” said Sharon Dawes iGov Institute director. “Students take advantage of a selected theme and venue to compare research methods and results; develop a deeper mutual understanding of the multi-disciplinary and international nature of the problems addressed by DG research; and begin to form international professional relationships that will continue throughout their careers.”

Students from Argentina, Australia, Brunei, Finland, Germany, Greece, Libya, Netherlands, Nigeria, People’s Republic of China, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Uganda, United States and Venezuela will attend the Institute. They represent multiple academic disciplines and are studying at 13 different universities in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

The faculty team comprises internationally known digital government researchers and senior government officials:

-Sharon Dawes (Institute Director), senior fellow, Center for Technology in Government (CTG) and associate professor, public administration and policy, University at Albany
-Valerie Gregg (Institute co-Director), government fellow, Center for Technology in Government (CTG), University at Albany
-Alan Borning, professor of computer science and engineering and an adjunct professor in the Information School at the University of Washington
-Steven Curwell, professor of sustainable urban development (SUD) in the School for the Built and Human Environment at the University of Salford, UKDave Carter, head, Manchester Digital Development Agency, Manchester City Council
-Andy Hamilton, director of the virtual planning research group in the Research Institute in the School for the Built and Human Environment at the University of Salford, UK
-Stephen Coleman, professor of political communication and co-director of the Centre for Digital Citizenship at the Institute of Communications Studies at the University of Leeds
-Ian Cooper, partner in Eclipse Research Consultants, and founding co-director of the University's cross-disciplinary Centre for Sustainable Urban and Regional Futures

The Institute is hosted by CTG and supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) as part of a larger four year $1.4 million grant to build and sustain an international digital government research community. Other major activities included in the grant are a reconnaissance study describing the current status of international digital government (DG) research and a framework for supporting several international working groups.

The Center for Technology in Government is an applied research center devoted to improving government and public services through policy, management, and technology innovation. The Center, located at the University at Albany, works with government to develop well-informed information strategies that foster innovation and enhances the quality and coordination of public services.

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