Saturday, May 10, 2008

University of Albany Ranks Third in State in Most Recycled Materials: UAlbany

UAlbany increased recyclables per person by 30 percent over last year. (Photo by Mark Schmidt)

Students and faculty helped boost UAlbany’s rank in the national Recyclemania competition this year, with a 30 percent increase in recyclables per person over last year.
The school recycled 13.34 pounds of waste per person this year, contrasted with 9.81 pounds per person last year.

“We were No. 3 in New York State in total amount of recycled material with 232,925 pounds,” said Mary Ellen Mallia, director of the Office of Environmental Sustainability.

Indian Quad successfully defended its title in producing the largest amount of recycled material.

Despite the progress, UAlbany still can improve in recyclables per capita. The University was 95th out of 180 schools competing in the per capita contest.

For the first time this year, UAlbany measured its trash, throwing out 66.54 pounds of garbage per person over the 10-week cycle. In the waste minimization category, the University was 53rd out of 95 schools and fourth out of eight schools in New York State.

UAlbany continues to add more recycling bins around the campus. The first bins were added around the podium and near the lecture centers; the second ones will be placed around the libraries, academic buildings, and apartment complexes. A third phase will follow in the next academic year.

“University Auxiliary Services (UAS) has donated two new recycling bins for the interior of the Campus Center,” said Mallia. “This is hoped to be the start of a program to purchase a total of 10 new bins for the Campus Center food court, dining area, and commuter lounge.”

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