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ALBANY CUP - Annual Award - Top Division I Collegiate Athletic Program In Albany Region

(statistical update)


Annual award given to the top division I collegiate athletic program in the city of Albany. (based on records since the University of Albany and Siena College began scheduling full year competition in most/all sports)

Annual winners:
2014 Winner - UAlbany
2013 Winner - UAlbany
2012 Winner - UAlbany
2011 Winner - UAlbany
2010 Winner - UAlbany
2009 Winner - UAlbany
2008 Winner - UAlbany
2007 Winner - UAlbany
2006 Winner - UAlbany
2005 Winner - UAlbany
2004 Winner - UAlbany
2003 Winner - UAlbany
2002 Winner - UAlbany

UAlbany Overall Record: 111-34-3

2015 Head to Head, 1 on 1 Competition
TOTALS: UAlbany 4 Siena 0 Ties 0

UAlbany 5 Siena 2 - Tennis: February 1, 2015
UAlbany 23 Siena 7 - Men's Lacrosse: April 18, 2015
UAlbany 8 Siena 0 - Softball: Game 1 - April 29, 2015
UAlbany 6 Siena 4 - Softball: Game 2 - April 29, 2015

2014 Head to Head, 1 on 1 Competition
TOTALS: UAlbany 8 Siena 0 Ties 0

UAlbany 4 Siena 3 - Tennis: February 2, 2014
UAlbany 6 Siena 1 - Softball: April 23, 2014
UAlbany 10 Siena 7 - Softball: April 23, 2014
UAlbany 19 Siena 11 - Lacrosse M: April 22, 2014
UAlbany 5 Siena 1 - Soccer W: August 31, 2014
UAlbany 9 Siena 0 - Field Hockey: October 1, 2014
UAlbany 77 Siena 68 - M Basketball: December 13, 2014
UAlbany 76 Siena 57 - W Basketball: December 13, 2014

2013 Head to Head, 1 on 1 Competition
TOTALS: UAlbany 6 Siena 4 Ties 0
UAlbany 4 Siena 3 - Tennis: March 9, 2013
UAlbany 3 Siena 0 - Softball: April 4, 2013
Siena 10 UAlbany 9 - Men's Lacrosse: April 23, 2013
UAlbany 3 Siena 2 - Softball: April 30, 2013 #1
Siena  7 UAlbany  5 - Softball: April 30, 2013 #2
UAlbany 6 Siena 0 - Field Hockey: Sept 18, 2013
Siena 1 UAlbany 0 - Golf: Sept 22, 2013
Siena 2 UAlbany 1 - M Soccer:  Sept 25, 2013
UAlbany  69 Siena  42 - Women's Basketball:
UAlbany 74 Siena 62 - Men's Basketball:

2012 Head to Head, 1 on 1 Competition
TOTALS: UAlbany 8 Siena 2, Ties 0
UAlbany 12 Siena 10 - Women's Lacrosse: March 7, 2012
UAlbany 7 Siena 5 - Softball #1: March 29, 2012
UAlbany 10 Siena 2 - Softball #2: March 29, 2012
UAlbany 14 Siena 13 - Men's Lacrosse: April 24, 2012
UAlbany 8 Siena 0 - Softball #3: May 1, 2012
UAlbany 6 Siena 2 - Softball #4: May 1, 2012
Siena 2 UAlbany 0 - M Soccer: Sept 23, 2012
Siena 3 UAlbany 1 - Volleyball: Sept 27, 2012
UAlbany 65 Siena 48 - Women's Basketball: Dec 1, 2012
UAlbany 69 Siena 56 - Men's Basketball: Dec 1, 2012

2011 Head to Head, 1 on 1 Competition
TOTALS: UAlbany 9 Siena 4, Ties 0
UAlbany 18 Siena 2 - Women's Lacrosse: February 23, 2011
Siena 4 UAlbany 3 - Tennis: February 27, 2011
UAlbany 7 Siena 3 - Softball #1: March 31, 2011
Siena 2 UAlbany 1 - Softball #2: March 31, 2011
UAlbany 5 Siena 1 - Softball #3: April 26, 2011
UAlbany 2 Siena 0 - Softball #4: April 26, 2011
UAlbany 12 Siena 10 - Men's Lacrosse: April 26, 2011
UAlbany 3 Siena 1 - Volleyball @ Rose Hill Classic: Sept 10, 2011
UAlbany 8 Siena 0 - Field Hockey: Sept 21, 2011
Siena 1 UAlbany 0 - M Soccer: Sept 25, 2011
UAlbany 3 Siena 0 - Volleyball: Nov 2, 2011
UAlbany 72 Siena 48 - W Basketball: Dec 3, 2011
Siena 64 UAlbany 60 - M Basketball: Dec 5, 2011

2010 Head to Head, 1 on 1 Competition
TOTALS: UAlbany 12 Siena 2, Ties 0
UAlbany 12 Siena 13 - Men's Lacrosse: March 2, 2010
UAlbany 18 Siena 2 - Women's Lacrosse: March 12, 2010
UAlbany 6 Siena 0 - Women's Softball: March 21, 2010 Game #1
UAlbany 11 Siena 3 - Women's Softball: March 21, 2010 Game #2
UAlbany 4 Siena 1 - Women's Softball: March 24, 2010 Game #1
UAlbany 4 Siena 2 - Women's Softball: March 24, 2010 Game #2
UAlbany 7 Siena 0 - Women's Tennis: April 20, 2010
UAlbany 8 Siena 1 - Women's Softball: April 27, 2010 Game #1
UAlbany 5 Siena 0 - Women's Softball: April 27, 2010 Game #2
UAlbany 1 Siena 0 - Men's Soccer: Sept 15, 2010
UAlbany 9 Siena 1 - Women's Field Hockey: Sept 28, 2010
UAlbany 0 Siena 1 - Golf: October 10, 2010
UAlbany 88 Siena 82 - Men's Basketball: December 4, 2010
UAlbany 63 Siena 59 - Women's Basketball: December 4, 2010

2009 Head to Head, 1 on 1 Competition
TOTALS: UAlbany 9 Siena 3, Ties 1
UAlbany 8 Siena 7 - Men's Lacrosse: February 25, 2009
UAlbany 2 Siena 0 - Women's Softball: March 25, 2009
UAlbany 2 Siena 0 - Women's Softball: March 25, 2009 Game #2
UAlbany 11 Siena 10 - Women’s Lacrosse: April 7, 2009
UAlbany 7 Siena 0 - Women’s Tennis: April 15, 2009
UAlbany 5 Siena 0 - Women's Softball: April 28, 2009
UAlbany 11 Siena 2 - Women's Softball: April 28, 2009 Game #2
Siena 2 UAlbany 1 - Women's Soccer: Sept 16, 2009
UAlbany 0 Siena 0 - Men's Soccer: Sept 23, 2009
UAlbany 3 Siena 0 - Volleyball: Oct 14, 2009
UAlbany 4 Siena 0 - Field Hockey: Oct 18, 2009
Siena 65 UAlbany 61 - W Basketball: Dec 6, 2009
Siena 83 UAlbany 54 - M Basketball: Dec 6, 2009

2008 Head to Head, 1 on 1 Competition
TOTALS: UAlbany 9 Siena 2
UAlbany 18 Siena 8 - Women's Lacrosse: March 3, 2008
UAlbany 3 Siena 2 - Women's Softball: March 27, 2008
UAlbany 2 Siena 1 - Women's Softball: March 27, 2008
UAlbany 13 Siena 6 - Men's Lacrosse: April 2, 2008
UAlbany 6 Siena 1 - Women's Tennis: April 16, 2008
UAlbany 7 Siena 3 - Women's Softball: April 29, 2008
Siena 4 UAlbany 0 – Women’s Soccer: Sept 7, 2008
UAlbany 3 Siena 0 – Men’s Soccer: Sept 21, 2008
UAlbany 5 Siena 0 – Field Hockey: October 7, 2008
UAlbany 3 Siena 0 – Volleyball: October 15, 2008
Siena 71 UAlbany 64– Men’s Basketball: December 6, 2008

2007 Head to Head, 1 on 1 Competition
TOTALS: UAlbany 8 Siena 4, Ties 1
UAlbany 21 Siena 8 - Men's Lacrosse: March 3, 2007
UAlbany 8 Siena 5 - Women's Lacrosse: March 12, 2007
Siena 5 UAlbany 3 - Women's Softball: March 28, 2007
UAlbany 4 Siena 2 - Women's Softball: March 28, 2007
UAlbany 6 Siena 1 - Women's Tennis: April 17, 2007
UAlbany 8 Siena 1 - Women's Softball: May 1, 2007
UAlbany 11 Siena 4 - Women's Softball: May 1, 2007
UAlbany 7 Siena 0 – Field Hockey: September 14, 2007
Siena 3 UAlbany 1 – Men’s Soccer: Sept 19, 2007
UAlbany 2 Siena 2 – Women’s Soccer: Sept 26, 2007
UAlbany 3 Siena 2 – Volleyball: October 21, 2007
Siena 61 UAlbany 50 – Women’s Basketball: December 1, 2007
Siena 75 UAlbany 71 – Men’s Basketball: December 1, 2007

2006 Head to Head, 1 on 1 Competition
TOTALS: UAlbany 8 Siena 2, Ties 1
UAlbany 16 Siena 4 - Women's Lacrosse: February 24, 2006
UAlbany 14 Siena 9 - Men's Lacrosse: March 4, 2006
UAlbany 9 Siena 0 - Women's Softball: March 29, 2006
Siena 11 UAlbany 10 - Women's Softball: March 29, 2006
UAlbany 4 Siena 3 – Women’s Tennis: April 19, 2006
UAlbany 6 Siena 0 – Field Hockey: September 6, 2006
UAlbany 0 Siena 0 – Women’s Soccer: Sept 8, 2006
UAlbany 3 Siena 1 – Men’s Soccer: Sept 20, 2006
UAlbany 3 Siena 1 – Volleyball: Sept 26, 2006
UAlbany 72 Siena 52 – Women’s Basketball: November 17, 2006
Siena 76 UAlbany 75 – Men’s Basketball: December 2, 2006

2005 Head to Head, 1 on 1 Competition
TOTALS: UAlbany 7 Siena 4
UAlbany 14 Siena 11 - Women's Lacrosse: February 25, 2005
UAlbany 9 Siena 6 - Women's Softball: March 23, 2005
UAlbany 4 Siena 3 - Women's Tennis: April 19, 2005
UAlbany 2 Siena 0 - Women's Softball: May 4, 2005
Siena 3 UAlbany 2 - Women's Softball: May 4, 2005
UAlbany 2 Siena 0 – Women’s Soccer: Sept 5, 2005
UAlbany 4 Siena 1 – Field Hockey: Sept 7, 2005
Siena 1 UAlbany 0 – Men’s Soccer: Sept 21, 2005
UAlbany 3 Siena 0 – Volleyball: October 4, 2005
Siena 61 UAlbany 55 – Women’s Basketball: November 23, 2005
Siena 82 UAlbany 74– Men’s Basketball: December 2, 2005

2004 Head to Head, 1 on 1 Competition
TOTALS: UAlbany 11 Siena 1
UAlbany 12 Siena 5 - Women's Lacrosse: March 27, 2004
UAlbany 4 Siena 3 - Women's Softball: March 30, 2004
UAlbany 5 Siena 2 - Women's Softball: March 30, 2004
UAlbany 5 Siena 2 - Women's Tennis: April 12, 2004
UAlbany 14 Siena 2 - Men's Lacrosse: April 22, 2004
UAlbany 4 Siena 1 - Women's Softball: May 6, 2004
UAlbany 5 Siena 1 – Women’s Softball: May 6, 2004
Siena 2 UAlbany 1 – Women’s Soccer: Sept 3, 2004
UAlbany 2 Siena 0 – Field Hockey: Sept 8, 2004
UAlbany 1 Siena 0 – Men’s Soccer: Sept 10, 2004
UAlbany 3 Siena 0 – Volleyball: Sept 21, 2004
UAlbany 86 Siena 65 – Men’s Basketball: December 6, 2004

2003 Head to Head, 1 on 1 Competition
TOTALS: UAlbany 7 Siena 3
UAlbany 18 Siena 6 - Women's Lacrosse: March 25, 2003
UAlbany 2 Siena 0 - Women's Softball: April 13, 2003
UAlbany 6 Siena 5 - Women's Softball: April 13, 2003
UAlbany 14 Siena 2 - Men's Lacrosse: April 22, 2003
UAlbany 3 Siena 1 – Volleyball: Sept 2, 2003
UAlbany 2 Siena 0 – Men’s Soccer: Sept 13, 2003
UAlbany 7 Siena 1 – Field Hockey: September 17, 2003
Siena 2 UAlbany 0– Women’s Soccer: Sept 21, 2003
Siena 63 UAlbany 46 – Women’s Basketball: November 21, 2003
Siena 71 UAlbany 50 – Men’s Basketball: November 21, 2003

2002 Head to Head, 1 on 1 Competition
TOTALS: UAlbany 5 Siena 3
UAlbany 10 Siena 3 - Women's Lacrosse: March 26, 2002
Siena 7 UAlbany 0 - Women's Tennis: April 17, 2002
UAlbany 17 Siena 5 - Men's Lacrosse: April 18, 2002
UAlbany 3 Siena 1 – Men’s Soccer: Sept 28, 2002
UAlbany 3 Siena 1 – Field Hockey: October 1, 2002
UAlbany 3 Siena 1 – Volleyball: November 12, 2002
Siena 74 UAlbany 56 – Women’s Basketball: November 22, 2002
Siena 79 UAlbany 75 – Men’s Basketball: November 22, 2002

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University of Albany Track & Field Men First, Women Second After Day One Of Outdoor Championships - UAlbany Sports 2015

ALBANY, N.Y. – For the first time ever, the University at Albany is hosting an America East championship in track & field, with the running of the 2015 Outdoor Championships on the Great Danes’ University Field this Saturday and Sunday. After the conclusion of the first day of events, the UAlbany men lead the team competition with 52.5 points, followed by Vermont in second with 38.5 points and New Hampshire and Binghamton tied for third with 29 points apiece. The women rank second in the team standing with 49 points, behind New Hampshire in first with 72.16 points, and in front of Binghamton in third with 40.33 points. Day One featured 13 scoring events between the men and the women, four track finals and nine field finals. The first finals events were the women’s hammer throw and women’s javelin. Veleisha Walker became the first champion for UAlbany in the meet, winning the women’s javelin with a personal-best mark of 146’-8”, a mark which also breaks Walker’s own school record. In the women’s hammer, Briana Cherry-Bronson placed second with a mark of 178’-7”. Lauren Lopano placed third with a personal best mark of 169’-8”. And Chinwe Igwe placed sixth in 147’-10”. Kaytlin Mack placed fifth in the women’s pole vault, clearing a height of 10’-11.75”. Paige Vadnais, who was also competing in the women’s heptathlon, placed sixth in 10’-6”. In the women’s long jump, Aiyanna James placed fourth in 19’-0.5”. Alexx Baum, who won this event last year while competing for Binghamton, placed fifth in 18’-9.25”. Finally, Solène Bastien placed eighth in 17’-10.75”. The men got in on the action with a few finals events of their own. Jonathan Eustache placed sixth in the men’s hammer in 158’-4”. Phillip Udeogu placed fourth in the men’s javelin in 191’-6”. In the men’s long jump, Mande Semon placed second in 23’-3.25”, and Colonel Fakarode placed fifth in 22’-5.75”. The final two scoring field events of the day were the women’s high jump and the men’s pole vault. The women were shut out in the high jump. Rochelle Reid was the highest Great Dane finisher, placing just outside of a scoring position in ninth place, clearing a height of 5’-3”. Min Pacella, who placed 11th, cleared the same height. Men’s pole vault defending champion Nathan Hiett successfully defended his title, clearing a height of 16’-4.75” to claim first place. Justin Farrenkopf placed fifth and Donald DiBari seventh, both clearing 14’-11”. Two events on the track saw finals on Day One. First was the 3,000 steeplechase. The women did not field a competitor in the event, but on the men’s side, James Sommer placed second in 9:12.16, just off his personal best of 9:12.00. Tyler Ranke placed fifth in 9:25.55. The last final event of the day was also the event that closed the first day of competition. Jessica Donohue placed fourth behind a top-three sweep for New Hampshire worth 24 points in the women’s 10,000. Donohue’s time was 36:18.53. New Hampshire also took sixth place in the event, for a takeaway of 29 points. Kyle Gronostaj took fourth place in the men’s race, beating to the line a collection of Binghamton runners that placed fifth through eighth. Gronostaj finished in 31:45.35. Day One saw the first round of events for the men’s decathlon and the women’s heptathlon. UAlbany did not field an athlete in the decathlon, but fielded two, Vadnais and Mary Adeyeye. The heptathlon, which consisted of a field of 11 competitors, opened with the 100 hurdles, where Vadnais placed third in 14.87 and Adeyeye placed sixth in 15.99. Vadnais won the next event, the high jump, in 5’-3.25”. Adeyeye placed sixth in 4’-11.75”. Adeyeye won the shot put in 39’-7.25”, and Vadnais placed seventh in 28’-9.75”. In the final event of the day, the 200, Vadnais placed second in 25.56 and Adeyeye placed seventh in 27.09. After the first four events, Vadnais is third with 2,892 points, and Adeyeye is sixth with 2,729 points. In first is Binghamton’s Daniella Olusoga with 3,014 points, and in second is Vermont’s Sara Roderick with 2,957 points. The heptathlon will conclude tomorrow with the long jump, the javelin, and the 800. Every other event contested on Day One was a preliminary round for a Sunday final. Schuyler Pruyn qualified in the sixth position in the women’s 1,500 in 4:47.38. Chris Buchanan qualified in the 10th position 3:59.35. Defending champion Michelle Anthony qualified first in the women’s 100 hurdles in 13.99. Devon Willis qualified sixth and Kervens Dorsainvil qualified seventh in 15.18 and 15.31 respectively in the men’s 110 hurdles. Willis was running the event for the first time since the first meet of the outdoor season in March. Grace Claxton qualified in the second position in the women’s 400 in 55.16. Halie Snyder qualified in the third position in 55.08. Kamilah Williams qualified in the fourth position in 56.71. Defending champion Taariq Jones qualified first in the men’s 400 in 47.64. Jason Tomlinson qualified third in 48.57. Dominique Claudio qualified first in the women’s 800 in 2:11.01. Breanna Cummings qualified in the fifth position in 2:14.11. Youness Benzaid qualified in the fourth position in the men’s 800 in 1:54.51. Kahlia Taylor qualified in the fourth position in the women’s 100 in 11.95. Chanel Smith qualified in the eighth position in 12.22, and Taahira Butterfield qualified in the ninth position in 12.29. Jaymen Teemer qualified in the second position in the men’s 100 in 10.81. Cherron Royal qualified in the sixth position in 10.94. Semon qualified in the eighth position in 11.01. Claxton qualified second in the women’s 400 hurdles in 1:01.12. Aderinsola Ajala qualified fifth in 1:01.71. Jeremiah Obeng-Agyapong qualified first in the men’s 400 hurdles in 53.07. UAlbany qualified four into the women’s 200 final. Taylor qualified fourth in 24.57. Smith qualified fifth in 24.70. Anthony qualified seventh in 24.84. Butterfield qualified ninth in 25.05. The men qualified three into their 200 final. Teemer qualified in the second position in 21.66. Royal qualified in the third position in 21.75. And Jones qualified in the sixth position in 21.89. Sunday’s events begin at 9:00 a.m. with the continuation of the men’s decathlon. At 9:30 a.m., the women’s heptathlon continues. Field events start at 10:00 a.m. with the women’s discus, men’s shot put, women’s triple jump, and men’s high jump. Track events begin at 11:00 a.m. with the women’s 4x100 relay.

University of Albany's Parker Signs NFL Free Agent Deal With San Diego Chargers - UAlbany Sports 2015

ALBANY, N.Y. -- Following Saturday’s NFL Draft, University at Albany tight end Brian Parker signed an undrafted free agent deal with the San Diego Chargers. With the signing, Parker became UAlbany’s 12th player to ink an NFL contract. Parker, a native of Henrietta, N.Y., totaled 1,006 receiving yards and nine touchdowns in his career at UAlbany. The 6’4 tight end was named Third-Team All-CAA in his senior season, totaling 500 receiving yards and five touchdowns on 39 receptions. A member of UAlbany’s squad from 2010 to 2014, Parker helped UAlbany win back-to-back Northeast Conference championships (2011-12) and to the program’s first NCAA Division I Playoff in 2011. Parker also played a key role in the Great Danes’ jump to the Colonial Athletic Association in 2013 and to 2014’s seven-win season. UAlbany has now had four players in the last three years sign NFL deals. Most recently, offensive lineman Kadeem Williams signed with the Arizona Cardinals following the 2014 NFL Draft and in 2013, Jon Morgan and Drew Smith signed free agent contracts with the Detroit Lions and Buffalo Bills, respectively. In 2007, Rashad Barksdale was taken in the sixth round of the National Football League Draft by the Philadelphia Eagles. Barksdale, who was the 201st player selected, marked the second UAlbany football player to be chosen in the NFL Draft. He was released by the Eagles and immediately signed by the Kansas City Chiefs off waivers. Barksdale became the first Great Dane to play in an NFL regular-season game on Oct. 7, 2007 against Jacksonville. Barksdale, a defensive back for the Arena Football League’s Kansas City Command in 2011-12 and currently on the Tampa Bay Storm roster, played just one season for the Great Danes as a cornerback. He came to the program as a walk-on prior to the 2006 campaign after earning two varsity letters as an outfielder on the UAlbany baseball squad. Barksdale, who was named to the Football Gazette mid-major All-America team, accounted for 39 tackles and three interceptions. Also in 2007, Andre Coleman and Jacob Hobbs signed as free agents with the San Diego Chargers and Philadelphia Eagles, respectively. Coleman, who spent three seasons on the Chargers’ practice squad and played during the 2009 regular season, was a consensus first-team mid-major All-America defensive end. Previously, offensive tackle Geir Gudmundsen joined the Buffalo Bills as a free agent in 2005. Split end Dan Gmelin (San Diego Chargers) and tight end Seth Thomas (Carolina Panthers) signed as free agents in 1997. Defensive end Matt Caliandro inked a free-agent deal with the Tennessee Titans the following year. Kurt Campbell was the first UAlbany player taken in the NFL Draft. He went in the seventh round to the Green Bay Packers in 2005. Campbell, a former UAlbany captain, also spent time with Oakland and Tennessee and was signed by the CFL’s Calgary Stampeders in May 2009. UALBANY NFL SIGNEES 1997 Dan Gmelin San Diego Free Agent 1997 Seth Thomas Carolina Free Agent 1998 Matt Caliandro Tennessee Free Agent 2005 Kurt Campbell Green Bay Drafted - 7th round 2005 Geir Gudmundsen Buffalo Free Agent 2007 Rashad Barksdale Philadelphia Drafted - 6th round 2007 Andre Coleman San Diego Free Agent 2007 Jacob Hobbs Philadelphia Free Agent 2013 Jon Morgan Detroit Free Agent 2013 Drew Smith Buffalo Free Agent 2014 Kadeem Williams Arizona Free Agent 2015 Brian Parker San Diego Free Agent

University of Albany Men’s Lacrosse Takes Down Stony Brook 22-9 for Third-Straight America East Title - UAlbany Sports 2015

ALBANY, N.Y. – The #7/7 UAlbany men’s lacrosse team secured its second America East Tournament three-peat in dominating fashion on Saturday, crushing rival #17/16 Stony Brook 22-9 in the conference title game at Bob Ford Field. UAlbany (15-2) earns its third-consecutive America East title and seventh overall under coach Scott Marr, all coming in the past 13 years. In addition, the Great Danes have won their last 22 games against America East opponents, including all 16 regular season and six tournament games the past three years. Up 8-5 midway through the second quarter against Stony Brook (13-5), UAlbany went on a 5-0 tear in the next 15 minutes to essentially seal the game. Leading 16-9, the Great Danes put together a 6-0 streak in the final 10 minutes to end the game. "I can't say enough about the preparation this team put in and the hard work they did,” said Marr. “The defense was great today, and we knew we could score a lot of goals, and it was a complete effort today." With the victory, UAlbany earns the automatic qualifier into the NCAA Tournament. The NCAA selection show will air live on ESPNU on Sunday, May 3rd at 9 p.m. UAlbany is in the running for a seed and potential home game in the NCAA First Round. Lyle Thompson was named the Most Outstanding Player of the America East Tournament, scoring five goals today all in the first half. He added an assist for six points on Saturday, totaling 15 points over the two UAlbany games. “It feels real good [to win the America East Tournament], and I feel better about this one, maybe because it is my last year, and Stony Brook is a big rival,” said Thompson. Along with Thompson, Cason Liles, Blaze Riorden and Mike Russell were named to the All-Championship Team from UAlbany. On the offensive end, Connor Fields led UAlbany with eight points, just one away from a career-high, on four goals and four assists. Fields has 77 points this year, the eighth-highest single season points tally in UAlbany history. Seth Oakes tied a career-high seven points on four goals and three assists while John Maloney notched a goal and three assists. With 22 goals on Saturday, outshooting the Seawolves 48-25, it is the eighth time this season UAlbany has netted at least 20 goals. “I went into halftime without a goal,” said Fields. “I took Lyle’s advice, trying to dodge and find the lane. I was just trying to get open.” Riorden, with nine saves in 56:34 of playing time, led a defense that improves to 10-0 when holding UAlbany to under 10 goals. JD Colarusso finished the game with a save and no goals allowed in the final 3:26. “I preached that, we need a stop, we need a stop, and everyone played well on this side,” said Riorden. “We always preach that it is not how you start, but how you finish.” Liles took all faceoffs for UAlbany, winning 20 out of 33 of them. Including Thursday the freshman went 32-48 from the faceoff-X. With today’s win, UAlbany’s Justin Berger has been part of the last four America East Tournament winners, transferring from Stony Brook after the 2012 season to UAlbany and being with the Great Danes the last three years. For Stony Brook, Challen Rogers netted three goals, while Mike Rooney had a goal and three assists. Hayden Johnstone got the loss on Saturday in goal, saving 11 shots and allowing 22 goals. Stony Brook got off to a quick start in the first quarter with the game’s first two goals. Thompson took control of the offense, taking an Oakes pass and scoring while faking out the keeper, adding another with a rocket after stepping in front of his defender and then adding another on a spin move and long range shot. Later, Maloney drew a double team to free up Kyle McClancy for the point blank shot and score. After Ryan Bitzer scored on the catch and shoot, Liles won a faceoff on a violation, leading to Adam Osika going towards the cage, firing while wide open and scoring in the quarter’s closing seconds to make it 5-3 UAlbany. Osika’s goal started a run into the second quarter as Oakes went around a screen set by Thompson for throw and score. Then Thompson added two goals in a span of 33 seconds off a jumping shot and score and another on a shovel shot from around the cage to make it 8-3. Stony Brook scored twice in the span of a minute; Jeff Reh put in a rebound from Rooney and Rogers sprinted from the far side to inside his defender and score close range. After a Riorden save, UAlbany again scored in transition as Tim Cox went around the screen and buried the shot long range with 5:42 left. Neither side the rest of the half as UAlbany led 9-5. Riorden and the defense held strong while down two men as James Burdette caused a turnover on Alex Corpolongo to end the threat. UAlbany got its own 6-on-4 chance minutes later and scored on it, passing around from Oakes to Jake Cullen for the point blank score. UAlbany continued the attack, adding three goals in the next 2:30: Derrick Eccles raced around the cage for a score, a catch and shoot from Thompson to Fields and McClancy with a perfect pass to Fields in front of the goal circle for a goal, completing a 5-0 run. The Seawolves got two back off Rogers hitting a shot in man-up and Jake Sheets adding another on a transition play. UAlbany got the goals back off a transition attack from Fields to a jumping Oakes and Ky Tarbell shaking a defender to open the passing lane to Fields for the goal. Stony Brook added a Rooney goal before the end of the period to make it 15-8 after three. Oakes earned a highlight-reel goal, coming from behind the cage and flinging the ball with one hand over the goalie’s shoulder. Rogers scored 43 seconds later as the score stood at 16-9 with 12:12 left. From there, UAlbany scored the last six goals and never looked back. Cullen scored man-up, Fields used a stutter step and passed to Maloney for the fire and score then scored himself on the one-hand throw inside the post, Oakes on an open space pepper shot, McClancy on the catch and shoot from Maloney and Bennett Drake adding a man-up goal from Eccles. Colarusso got the late save on a Reh shot as UAlbany took the 22-9 victory. UAlbany drew a crowd of 2,146 for the title game at Bob Ford Field. 2015 America East All-Championship Team Lyle Thompson, UAlbany (Most Outstanding Player) Cason Liles, UAlbany Blaze Riorden, UAlbany Mike Russell, UAlbany Dylan Curry, Stony Brook Lucas Rock, Stony Brook Kevin Sanna, Hartford Ryan Vanderford, Hartford Ian MacKay, Vermont Cam Milligan, Vermont

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#18 University of Albany Women’s Lacrosse Advances to America East Title Game - UAlbany Sports 2015

STONY BROOK, N.Y. – After going down 5-1 in the early going, University at Albany women’s lacrosse (14-3) outlasted a tough Vermont (11-7) squad 14-13 in OT, earning a spot in the America East final on Sunday at noon. Junior Rachel Bowles notched the game-winner with time winding down in the first overtime period. “This was certainly not our best game,” said head coach John Battaglino. “But it showed a lot about our team and our leaders to come back from an early deficit. We have a lot to work on before Sunday.” The Danes started the game playing from behind, going down 2-0 in the early going off of quick transition goals by the Catamounts. The go-to tandem of Offensive Player of the Year Maureen Keggins and Dakotah Savitcheff put the Danes on the board 2-1 with just over five minutes gone. Despite winning six consecutive draws, the Danes committed four early turnovers to go down 5-1 with 17 minutes left in the first half. Nichole Eamer put UAlbany within striking distance, 5-2 with a shot down the middle that snuck past the goalkeeper. Eamer kicked off a five-goal rally that gave John Battaglino& co., its first lead of the game 6-5. The Purple & Gold fired off five goals in eight minutes. Sarah Martin would tally the next two, with assists credited to Bowles and Eamer. The sophomore All-Conference Second Team pick then forced a crucial turnover off the draw to set up the game-tying goal to Bowles. Bowles scored unassisted for her 50th tally of the season. Keggins connected with Savitcheff for the go-ahead goal at the seven-minute mark of the first half. UAlbany held Vermont scoreless for 11 minutes before the Catamounts tied the game at six. Keggins would dish to Bowles for a 7-6 UAlbany lead at the break. At halftime, UAlbany had a 12-1 advantage on the draw. The second half began with the teams trading goals in rapid succession, but less than 10 minutes in the Catamounts had regained the lead, 10-9. UAlbany responded with two straight goals from Katherine Sweeney and Savitcheff for an 11-10 edge. Vermont called timeout, but Savitcheff made it a two-goal cushion, 12-10 with 13 minutes to play. The Danes aimed to slow the pace after continuing to dominate on the draw, and a wide open goal for Keggins appeared to put the game out of reach for Vermont. Jessica Roach and Vanessa VanderZalm sent the contest to overtime with goals less than 30 seconds apart. With the winning team taking a spot in the America East Final, UAlbany continued to take the draw. Eamer forced a turnover at midfield to set up Keggins and Bowles for shots thwarted by Vermont. Eamer came up big for the Danes after the teams switched sides in overtime. The senior stole the draw again, allowing the Purple & Gold to set up a play for Bowles. The junior swept through the fan to fire on target down the middle with 39.7 seconds on the clock. The 14-13 result would stand, sending UAlbany to meet Stony Brook in a battle for the America East crown. Sarah Martin (7) and Alie Jimerson (5) both recorded a career-high in draw controls. Bowles finished with five points on three goals and two assists. Keggins scored one goal to go with five assists, while Dakotah Savitcheff notched four tallies and Martin had three. UAlbany and Stony Brook will meet in the America East Women’s Lacrosse Championship game for the fourth consecutive season on Sunday at noon. The game will be broadcast on ESPN3.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Lyle Thompson’s Nine Points Guides University of Albany Men's Lacrosse to America East Title Game - UAlbany Sports 2015

ALBANY, N.Y. – With Lyle Thompson scoring nine points, breaking the 100-point mark for the third year in a row, and the defense holding its opponent to two second half goals, the #7/7 UAlbany men’s lacrosse team defeated Hartford 15-6 to advance to its fourth-consecutive America East title game. With the score tied 4-4 with 12:20 remaining in the second quarter, 1-seed UAlbany (14-2) held 4-seed Hartford (7-8) to two goals the rest of the way, using runs of 4-0 and 5-0 to seal the victory. “This is probably the hardest game to play as the 1-seed,” said UAlbany coach Scott Marr, who takes UAlbany to its 12th America East title appearance in 14 years. “I thought we came out tight, but give credit to Hartford, they played outstanding. Our defense played well, and we fought through it.” This sets up a SUNY-rematch for the America East title game on Saturday, May 2nd at 10 a.m. at Bob Ford Field as UAlbany will play 2-seed Stony Brook, which defeated 3-seed Vermont 16-13 in the first semifinal game. Thompson finished with five goals and four assists for nine points, totaling 101 on the season for his third-consecutive 100+ point season. No other player in Division I men’s lacrosse history has more than one 100+ point season. “We knew offensively, we had to play more structured,” said Thompson. “Coach [Marr] was telling me to get high on the dodge. Once I scored some goals, they were coming to me a bit better.” Blaze Riorden anchored the UAlbany defense, saving nine shots on 15 Hartford attempts on goal, adding seven ground balls. As a whole, UAlbany caused 15 Hartford turnovers, with AJ Kluck, Tim Cox and Stone Sims each causing a pair, and successfully defended against all five Hartford man-up chances. It is the top defensive performance for UAlbany in the America East Tournament since defeating Stony Brook 17-5 in the conference semifinals on March 3rd, 2007. “”I was seeing the ball well, and the defense gave up shots that I could save,” said Riorden. “Our offense gave us that cushion that kept us loose.” Connor Fields scored three goals and an assist, adding four ground balls. Taking over duties at the center-X in the second quarter, Cason Liles won 12-of-15 faceoffs. For Hartford, Justin Huggins netted a hat trick with a pair of caused turnovers while Kevin O’Shea had two goals, an assist and two caused turnovers. Ryan Vanderford got the loss in goal despite 17 saves. UAlbany struck first a little more than three minutes elapsed as Thompson found Fields wide open on a man-up situation for the rocket and score. Huggins countered on the catch and shoot 80 seconds later. UAlbany got back the ball; Kyle McClancy ran back and forth around the cage, getting free and scoring. Huggins added another with 2:38 left in the quarter, receiving the pass from O’Shea and scoring. Thompson countered with his strong move, getting inside his defender and scoring next to the goal circle, making it 3-2, the eventual end of first quarter score. After forcing a turnover on the defensive side, Bennett Drake got the pass from Matt Garziano in transition and scored. O’Shea rolled off two goals in a span of 16 seconds to tie the game at 4-4 with 12:20 left in the 2nd. UAlbany responded minutes later with a couple of quick goals, with Seth Oakes getting free against an offsides seven-man Hartford defense and scoring close range and Thompson against getting between his defender and the cage and scoring. Thompson posted up next to the circle and scored again with 1:52 left in the period, putting the score at 7-4 at the half. The defenses ruled in the first part of the third quarter, with Vanderford saving UAlbany shots and the Great Danes forcing turnovers on the Hartford offense. UAlbany drew the man-up situation and converted as Cox peppered a shot straight-away. Hartford pulled to within three of a Griffin Feiner catch and shoot goal. UAlbany countered 26 seconds later on a Thompson to Fields score, adding another as Ky Tarbell scored off the assist from Adam Osika. In the closing minutes of the period, UAlbany converted two man-up chances, with Thompson drawing the defense to find Jake Cullen next to the cage for the goal, then Thompson buried the low heave from Cox, giving UAlbany a 12-5 lead after three periods. UAlbany held off Hartford for the first 111:08 of the fourth, adding to the lead with Thompson netting his fifth goal of a spin move and score. Hartford broke its drough with a Huggins goal with 3:52 left. Osika and Fields added goals in the final minutes to seal the game for the Great Danes. UAlbany finished with the 15-6 victory.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

University of Albany Softball Sweeps Siena In Wednesday’s Doubleheader - UAlbany Sports 2015

ALBANY, N.Y. – The University at Albany softball team swept Wednesday afternoon’s doubleheader against cross-town rival Siena, mercy ruling the Saints in game one, 8-0, before rallying for a 6-4 come from behind victory in the nightcap. With the wins, the Great Danes improved to 27-16 on the season, while Siena fell to 17-24-1. “It’s not about who we played today, it’s about us getting back on track and doing the things that we need to do,” said Head Coach Chris Cannata. “We need play defense behind out pitchers, our pitchers need to throw strikes, and we need to have quality at-bats in both games. We did that today.” In the opener, freshman hurler Erynn Sobieski tossed a complete-game shutout, scattering two hits while striking out two. She faced just two over the minimum and did not issue a single walk in the victory. Offensively, Sobieski earned plenty of support, as the Danes recorded 10 hits for eight runs. UAlbany scored first in the bottom of the third as Alexa Toole led off with a walk, and Kayla Bailey and Maggie Cocks ripped back-to-back singles. Cocks’ misplayed liner to left got by the Siena defense, allowing both Toole and Bailey to score. In the fifth, UAlbany rallied with two outs, as Liz Snow singled to left and Kelly Costello walked, setting up senior Marlin Solano’s three home run over the centerfield wall. Jess Tate reached on an error and junior Lindsey Haskell kept the inning alive with an RBI double to left, giving the Great Danes a 6-0 advantage. With the eight-run mercy rule approaching, Vicky McFarland led off the bottom of the seventh with a solo homer to left, extending her hitting streak to 21 games. Caitlin Cooper followed with a single and advanced to second on an outfield error, setting up Maggie Cocks’ walk-off RBI single to centerfield. Cocks, Solano, and Haskell led UAlbany at the plate with two hits apiece. Siena starter Amanda Gatt (8-9) took the loss, allowing six runs (four earned) and seven hits, while striking out four in 4.2 innings. Reliever Antonia Edwards was credited two runs and three hits in a third. In the nightcap, the Danes struck first again, scoring two runs in the opening frame. Loading the bases on a pair of walks and Cocks’ single up the middle, Solano came through with a two-out single to left, giving UAlbany a 2-0 head start. However, the Saints responded in the second with a quick four runs. Paige Hess and Alyssa Lancaster lined consecutive doubles to score one run, and Melanie Kalesse’s single up the middle set up Bridget Connors’ three-run home run over the left field fence. Those would be Siena’s final runs, however, as reliever Devin Durando came out of the pen to throw five scoreless and hitless innings, while striking out eight. Trailing 4-2, UAlbany made it a one-run game in the fourth on Cocks’ RBI single to left that plated Mackenzie Cleary. With time running out, the Great Danes turned the game around in the sixth sparked by McFarland’s one-out single through the left side. Battling at the plate, Toole belted a two-run home run just over the centerfield wall, giving the Danes’ a 5-4 lead. Cocks followed up with her fourth hit of the game, driving a double to left-centerfield, and Snow knocked her home with a single to right-center. “I didn’t think it was out, but I knew Vicky was going score and we were at least going to tie it,” said Cannata. “It was a good comeback for us.” Durando (13-5) earned the win after relieving starter Mackenzie Thompson in the third. Lauren Butts (8-9) took the loss, allowing six runs and 10 hits, while striking out four in the complete game. At the plate, Cocks led the squad, going 4-for-4 with two runs scored and an RBI. McFarland went 2-for-4, extending her hitting streak to 22 games, while Snow also logged two hits in the triumph. Up next, UAlbany closes the 2015 regular season, hosting Hartford Friday and Saturday in a key America East Conference series. Friday’s doubleheader will begin at 2 p.m., while Saturday’s Senior Game will have a 12:30 p.m. first pitch.

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University of Albany Men’s Lacrosse: Lyle Thompson Named America East Fans’ Choice Player of the Year - UAlbany sports 2015

BOSTON – The public has spoken and has chosen UAlbany senior attack Lyle Thompson as the America East Men’s Lacrosse Fans’ Choice Player of the Year for the 2015 season. This comes one year after brother Miles Thompson was the Fans’ Choice Player of the Year last season, giving UAlbany the award the past two seasons. All seven America East teams nominated one representative for an online vote through the conference that lasted the past five days. Thompson received over 41% of the vote, receiving nearly double the amount of votes as the second-place finisher. Thompson leads all of Division I in points and assists per game, standing with 38 goals and 54 points to total 92 points. The 2014 Tewarraton Trophy co-winner was nominated for the same award for 2015. He and the Great Danes host Hartford on Thursday, April 30th at 7 p.m. for the semifinals of the America East Tournament.

University of Albany Golf Selected For St. George, Utah NCAA Women’s Golf Regional, May 7-9 - UAlbany Sports 2015

ALBANY, N.Y. -- Making their first NCAA Regional appearance, the University at Albany women’s golf team has been selected to compete in the St. George, Utah regional May 7-9, announced Monday during the NCAA Women's Golf Selection Show. The St. George regional will be played at Entrada at Snow Canyon Country Club in St. George, Utah with Brigham Young University serving as the host institution. The committee selected 72 teams (including automatic qualifiers) and 24 individuals not on those teams for participation at one of the four regional sites -- Raleigh, N.C. (North Carolina State host), South Bend, Ind. (Notre Dame host), San Antonio, Texas (University of Texas host), and St. George, Utah (BYU host). Each regional site is comprised of 18 teams and six individuals (not on one of the selected teams). Six teams and the low three individuals not on an advancing team from each regional site will advance to the finals site. The Championship is May 22-27 at Concession Golf Club in Bradenton, Fla. (University of South Florida host). Under the direction of second-year head coach Colleen Cashman-McSween, the UAlbany women’s golf team captured the program’s first Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC) championship Sunday at Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course. Freshman Annie Songeun Lee took the individual title and Rookie of the Year honors, while Cashman-McSween was named the 2015 MAAC Women’s Coach of the Year. WEST REGIONAL TEAMS 1. University of Southern California 2. University of Arkansas, Fayetteville 3. University of Virginia (Atlantic Coast Conference) 4. Stanford University 5. Vanderbilt University 6. University of Nevada, Las Vegas 7. San Diego State University (Mountain West Conference) 8. University of Miami (Florida) 9. University of Colorado, Boulder 10. University of California, Berkeley 11. Southern Methodist University 12. Texas Christian University 13. University of Denver (The Summit League) 14. University of Wisconsin, Madison 15. Middle Tennessee State University (Conference USA) 16. New Mexico State University (Western Athletic Conference) 17. Northern Arizona University (Big Sky Conference) 18. University at Albany (Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference)

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University of Albany Women's Golf Takes MAAC Championship - UAlbany Sports 2015

University of Albany Women's Golf Takes MAAC Championship - UAlbany Sports 2015

Sunday, April 26, 2015

University of Albany Men's Lacrosse Earns Third-Straight Perfect America East Season - UAlbany sports 2015

ALBANY, N.Y. – The #7/7 UAlbany men’s lacrosse team defeated UMBC 20-9 on Saturday to earn its third-consecutive perfect America East season, sixth league regular season title and winningest regular season in DI history. “We talked everyday about playing our standard,” said UAlbany coach Scott Marr, who has been at the helm for all six of UAlbany’s America East regular season titles. “[Our seniors] saw the older guys holding that tradition, and we want to play at that same level and intensity.” The Great Danes are the first men’s lacrosse team to earn three-straight undefeated America East seasons since Hofstra did from 1996-98. At 13-2, it is UAlbany’s best-ever pre-America East Tournament regular season in Division I era, surpassing the 12-2 mark set in 2007. “It is a great accomplishment,” said UAlbany senior captain Tim Cox, who scored two goals and two assists. “We have been fortunate to play well in every conference game the last three years.” UAlbany (13-2, 6-0 AE) dominated UMBC (5-8, 1-5 AE) in almost all facets of the game, leading 15-2 at the half. UAlbany outshot its opponent 53-31, had 44 ground balls to UMBC’s 27 and won 21 of 33 faceoffs. UAlbany also forced turnovers on 11 of UMBC’s 19 clear attempts. It is the seventh time this season, and second in a row, that UAlbany has scored at least 20+ goals. Nine different Great Danes scored goals for UAlbany, led by Connor Fields, who scored five goals and moves into ninth all-time in UAlbany single season history with 49 goals. With three goals, plus an assist, Seth Oakes moved into 13th all-time in UAlbany single season history with 46 goals this year. Lyle Thompson also earned three goals and an assist, moving into fourth all-time in UAlbany single season history with a total of 92 points. Tom Nuckel and Kyle McClancy each had two goals plus Cason Liles won 20 of his 29 faceoffs. On the defensive side, Blaze Riorden earned his 13th victory of the year with five saves and four goals allowed in the first three quarters. JD Colarusso finished the game, saving four fourth quarter shots. For UMBC, Pat Young scored three goals while Max Maxwell had two assists. Ruston Souder got the loss with five saves and 15 goals allowed in the first half. UAlbany, the 1-seed in the America East Tournament, will play 4-seed Hartford on Thursday, April 30th at 7 p.m. at Bob Ford Field. 2-seed Stony Brook takes on 3-seed Vermont in the first semifinal game at 4:30 p.m. the same day, with the title game being on Saturday, May 2nd at 10 a.m. Before the game, UAlbany honored its 14 seniors and redshirt juniors playing their final regular season game at home. 27 seconds into the game, Oakes fired a hard shot for the score. Fields added another minutes later, emerging from around the cage and scoring underneath the crossbar. Pat Lewnes scored off a quick offense from the faceoff, which UAlbany responded with a score off the faceoff from Fields. Then, UAlbany caused a turnover on a UMBC faceoff win, seeing Derrick Eccles find Cox for the run and score. Each side added a goal within 12 seconds of each other to make it 6-2 with 6:13 left in the 1st quarter. From there, UAlbany went on a tear, scoring the next 10 goals into the second half, causing tremendous pressure with the ride. Fields scored the first two goals for UAlbany on the run, netting a low shot and a wide open chance during a 5-on-4. The next minute, Thompson set up the catch and shoot to John Maloney. In the closing minute-and-a-half of the quarter, UAlbany added two more goals with Oakes on the setup from Cox, then Thompson scoring on a rip off the pass from Adam Osika. UAlbany led 10-2 after the first quarter. UAlbany’s close defense and ride continued to hinder UMBC as the offense kept on the attack. In the opening minutes of the second quarter, Thompson faked out the keeper and scored next to the goal circle, followed by Kyle McClancy taking a Fields miss from behind the cage and scoring inside the right post. Thompson added another strong goal, getting double teamed, hit and knocked down, still releasing low and getting the ball through the keeper’s feet. As the reserves came in, UAlbany added two more in the closing minutes of the quarter: Oakes passed to Fields next to the circle for the score, then Eccles again set up Cox for a hard shot and score as the Great Danes led 15-2 at the break. The run was completed at the start of the third quarter as McClancy got a chance straight away and scored during a 5-on-5, giving the Great Danes a 16-2 lead. After a Young goal, Osika scored on off the dodge with 11 minutes left in the quarter. The reserves continued to battle as Eli Lasda got in front of the cage for the high to low goal with 3:49 left in the 3rd, then Nuckel added another off the catch and shoot from Bennett Drake. Young got another goal in a man-up situation as UAlbany took a 19-4 lead into the final period. UAlbany struck first in the fourth quarter off a second Nuckel goal, set up from Jake Cullen. UMBC got its offense going in the final period, scoring the game’s final five goals. UAlbany stood strong to earn the 20-9 victory.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Record-Breaking Day for University of Albany Women's Lacrosse Keggins in 20-5 Win Over UMBC - UAlbany sports 2015

ALBANY, N.Y. – Officially the top scoring offense in Division I program history, University at Albany women’s lacrosse (13-3, 5-1 AE) dismantled UMBC (8-8, 3-3 AE) 20-5 on Saturday afternoon to earn the No. 2 seed in the upcoming America East Tournament. Senior Maureen Keggins led the Danes with 11 points on six goals and five assists. “I thought it was a great way to honor our seniors, to have our kids play that well,” said head coach John Battaglino. “They finally had a week to prepare for the game, and we were hitting on all cylinders. They were fun to watch today, and it ended our regular season on a high note.” Keggins put the Danes on the board unassisted less than three minutes into the game. Rachel Bowles followed up with a free position conversion shortly after to make it 2-0 UAlbany. UMBC snuck one through, but Bowles kicked off an eight-goal rally. The junior crashed the crease from Keggins man-up after Alie Jimerson forced a turnover on the ride. Jimerson would turn around to score unassisted on a curl from the point for a 4-1 Dane lead mid-way through the first half. Jimerson’s unassisted tally mark the first of seven Purple & Gold goals scored in a span of less than five minutes. The Danes won six consecutive draws to take control of the midfield and the game in the first period. Seven different players contributed off the draw in the early going. In the midst of the seven-goal sprint, Dakotah Savitcheff scored twice from Keggins to become UAbany’s all-time leader in single season goals. She passed Jodi Battaglia, who previously held the top spot with 56 in 2011. Keggins had all five of her assists in the first half, and would find Jimerson as well as Katherine Sweeney before the period expired. With a 13-2 lead at the break, Keggins (3g, 5a), Jimerson (2g, 2a), Bowles (3g) and Savitcheff (3g) had already tallied at least four points apiece. Battaglino’s squad also recorded just two turnovers. Bowles opened the second stanza with an unassisted slice down the middle. Keggins would go on to score three unassisted goals in a row for a 17-2 Dane advantage. The Retrievers won the ensuing draw, but Michelle Primomo caught the UMBC attack on its heels to force the turnover. She would scoop up the ground ball for a good clear. Sarah Martin tallied her lone point of the day on an assist to Jimerson at the 13:07 mark. Bowles and Emma Powlin would wrap up scoring for the Danes with just over five minutes to play. Courtney Henderson took her 13th win between the pipes with seven saves. The Danes also coughed up a season-low six turnovers. John Battaglino & co., have now tallied 369 points in the 2015 season, the most in Division I program history. The Purple & Gold also picked up its ninth win at home for a perfect 9-0 record at John Fallon Field in the regular season for the first time all-time. Along with Savitcheff’s single-season goal mark, Maureen Keggins is now the all-time single-season leader in points with 85 to date. She passed Rachael Burek (2013, 84 points). Keggins also tied Burek for UAlbany’s all-time top single-game points record with 11 (6g, 5a). UAlbany women’s lacrosse continues its 2015 campaign against Vermont in the America East Semifinals at LaValle Stadium on the Stony Brook campus. The Danes and Catamounts are scheduled for a 7:30 p.m., opening draw on Friday, May 1. The winner faces the victor of the Stony Brook vs. UMBC game on Sunday at noon on ESPN3. 2015 AMERICA EAST WOMEN’S LACROSSE TOURNAMENT Friday, May 1: No. 1 Stony Brook vs. No. 4 UMBC – 5:00 p.m. ( No. 2 UAlbany vs. No. 3 Vermont – 7:30 p.m. ( Sunday, May 3: Winner Game 1 vs. Winner Game 2 – Noon (ESPN3)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

#7/7 University of Albany Men's Lacrosse Dominates Siena 23-7 - UAlbany Sports 2015

LOUDONVILLE, N.Y. – The #7/7 UAlbany men’s lacrosse team proved to be the top dogs in the Capital District once again on Tuesday, dominating Siena 23-7 on the road for its fifth-straight victory. “I was very pleased to how we responded after a huge win on Saturday against Yale, coming out three days later against a tough Siena team,” said UAlbany coach Scott Marr. “We started off great with an outstanding first quarter; we gobbled up every ground ball, Blaze [Riorden] had some key saves, and offensively, we did a great job of moving the ball and finding the open man.” After allowing the first score, UAlbany (12-2) scored the next 18 goals over the next 36:12 against Siena (5-8), leading 17-1 at the half and at one point having an 18-goal lead. “I would say the ride was the most exciting part of our game today,” said Marr. “The amount of turnovers that we caused because of our hustle; riding is just that, all hustle and heart.” 16 different UAlbany players earned points against Siena. Seth Oakes led UAlbany in goals for the fifth-consecutive game, finishing with four. John Maloney scored two goals and two assists, Bennett Drake had a hat trick and an assist while Lyle Thompson and Kyle McClancy each had three points. “We were moving the ball and running our offense,” said Maloney. “We got good opportunities and made our shots. We were trying to get Lyle [Thompson] the ball, and when he would dodge, they would send a double early, so we moved off-ball, and Lyle [Thompson] would find us.” On the defensive end, UAlbany allowed just one goal in the first half. Blaze Riorden saved six shots in the first half to earn the win while JD Colarusso defended in the second half, concluding with three saves. “We didn’t play as individuals, we played together as a team as one,” said Riorden. “Give [Siena] credit, they got some good shots off, but our defense played really well.” For Siena, Tim Cousin netted two goals, adding an assist and was the only Saint to score multiple points. Nick Capalbo got the loss with eight saves and 17 goals allowed in the first half. Siena scored first in the opening minute of the first quarter, then UAlbany’s offense started its tear. First goal, Connor Fields pulled the defense towards him, freeing Matthew Bertrams for the straight-away shot and score. Oakes added another after being left alone, revving up and firing for the goal. A minute later, Maloney connected on a downward shot from Thompson. 35 seconds later, McClancy emerged from the pack, picked up a Thompson missed shot and scored close range. Thompson helped the next goal, drawing the double team and passing to a running Adam Osika for the catch, shoot and score. UAlbany scored twice in a span of 40 seconds, with McClancy going away from a triple team, firing and scoring, then Maloney running through a double team and scoring. The UAlbany ride kept the ball on the offensive end as the Great Danes scored three more times before the end of the quarter off an Oakes rocket shot and score from Tim Cox, an AJ Kluck faceoff win and pass to Fields for the score, then Bertrams adding a second goal on a sprint to the cage and a score. Riorden and Co. held off a Siena attack in the final minutes of the period as UAlbany led 10-1 after the first quarter. The defense stood strong in the opening part of the second quarter with neither side scoring in the opening 6:14. UAlbany broke the drought as Thompson fed Fields for the shot into the right corner for the goal, then 24 seconds later, Derrick Eccles pushed through a defender and scored. As UAlbany’s ride caused a turnover, McClancy drew the defense forward and passed to Oakes all alone next to the goal circle. Oakes turned around for the easy goal. In the following seconds, Cox scored straight-away, then Oakes added another with a hard, long range shot while stepping backwards. Justin Reh took command of the offense, coming from around the cage and scoring, then adding another when the goalie was out of the circle after getting the pass from Drake. UAlbany led 17-1 at the break. 3:14 into the second half, Maloney threaded the needle from the far side to Drake, who completed the play with a high shot and score. Cousin responded and broke the UAlbany run with a goal just inside the left post. The two sides exchanged scores with Ky Tarbell netted a shot while falling near the circle, then long stick Weston French scoring while the team was man-down for Siena. Drake converted while man-up with a pass from John Glancy, then Tom Nuckel added a score two minutes later on a bounce shot. Siena scored the next two as UAlbany led 21-5 after three quarters. As UAlbany went to its reserves, it continued to dominate on defense. Jake Cullen got a chance on the rebounded first shot and converted long range. With 5:55 left to play, Drake added his third goal, coming from around the cage to score. Siena got two goals before the end of the game as UAlbany took the 23-7 victory. UAlbany will go for a perfect conference regular season on Saturday, April 25th, hosting UMBC at 3 p.m. at Bob Ford Field. The game will be televised on the Time Warner Cable SportsChannel.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

#8/8 University of Albany Men's Lacrosse Wins Top-10 Thriller vs. #7/7 Yale 12-11 - UAlbany Sports 2015

ALBANY, N.Y. – In front of a program record 4,823 fans at Bob Ford Field, the #8/8 UAlbany men’s lacrosse team defeated #7/7 Yale 12-11 to earn a win in the first matchup of top-10 teams in the Capital District since 2007. The victory for UAlbany (11-2) over Yale (9-3) gives the Great Danes their second over a then-ranked opponent this season, including its win over Drexel, and fourth victory in a row. UAlbany defeats a top-10 opponent in the regular season for the first time since a 25-10 win at #9 UMass on March 8, 2014. “I couldn’t be any more proud of the effort tonight,” said UAlbany coach Scott Marr. “We talked about the Medicine Game and playing for JP; it was a great team effort, we did not panic and we stayed with it the whole way.” With UAlbany up 8-4, Yale scored six of the next seven goals to take a 10-9 lead with just over 13 minutes remaining. UAlbany rolled off three-straight goals in the following 4:05 to lead 12-10. With Yale scoring with 36 seconds remaining, Blaze Riorden, who finished with 14 saves, saved a Harry Kucharczyk shot with 15 seconds left to seal the 12-11 victory for UAlbany. “It was a total team effort; when the defense gives up shots I can save, on a good night, I can save them,” said Riorden. “What a great atmosphere here tonight.” On the offensive end, Lyle Thompson earned seven points off three goals and four assists, having a hand in five of the team’s six first half scores. He now stands with 206 assists in his career, passing Rob Pannell and Darren Lowe to stand second-all in DI history, only behind Tim Nelson, who had 221 assists with N.C. State and Syracuse from 1982-1985. :”It was a good win, and a fun game to watch,” said Thompson. “Offensively, we did not get the ball much, but our defense did a great job tonight.” Seth Oakes led UAlbany with four goals, while Connor Fields added three goals. Kyle McClancy and Tim Cox each netted a goal in the key fourth quarter 3-0 run. It is the largest UAlbany home crowd for a men’s lacrosse game in Marr’s tenure. The previous high was 2,953 for UAlbany’s NCAA Tournament home game on May 13, 2007. For Yale, Eric Scott led the Bulldogs with four goals. Conrad Oberbeck, Ben Reeves and Jeff Cimbalista all netted two goals. Eric Natale finished with 10 saves in the defeat. Just over three minutes into the first quarter, Thompson got inside his defender, shot high to low and scored as the ball rolled into the cage for the score. With 8:15 left, Oakes took his stick with one hand and threw the ball into the into the net for the score. Less than a minute later after Eric Cantor caused a turnover on the faceoff, Fields hit the sidearm shot from Thompson to complete the game-opening 3-0 run. Yale got on the board five minutes later with Oberbeck scoring on the man-up chance. Riorden saved a Mark Glicini shot as UAlbany cleared, and on the third shot, Thompson again got inside his defender and scored. Scott scored on a hard shot from long range in the final minute of the quarter as UAlbany led 4-2 after one. Action went back and forth in the main part of the second quarter as neither side could connect for almost 10 minutes. UAlbany broke the drought with two catch and shoot goals from Thompson to Fields. 30 seconds after, Cimbalista jumped, fired and scored for Yale. Matt Garziano caused a turnover in the waning seconds of the half to keep the score at 6-3. Using the remnants of a man-up penalty at the start of the second half, John Maloney found Oakes from behind the cage and the goal to put UAlbany up 7-3. After Scott scored from long range, UAlbany fired away three times at the goal without a score. Yale cleared, with Riorden saving a Cimbalista transition shot and helping UAlbany clear. Fields missed with a high shot, getting a second chance after a pass from McClancy, ripping the shot and score to make it 8-4 UAlbany with 8:39 left in the 3rd. Yale went on a 3-0 run in the next six minutes, capped by a Cimbalista shot from J. Conor Mackie, to pull within one. Just before the end of the quarter, Thompson again got inside his defender for the high to low shot and score with two seconds left, making it 9-7 after three quarters. Continuing to play well on the faceoff, Yale rolled off three quick goals in the quarter’s first two minutes, capped by Reeves running off the draw, for a 10-9 Bulldogs lead. Following a Yale faceoff win and turnover, McClancy took a Fields miss, sprinted from around the cage and heaved a shot for a score to tie the game at 10-10. Two minutes later, Cox took the ball, sprinted towards the far side, fired and scored to put UAlbany ahead. With under nine minutes left, Oakes added an insurance goal, taking a Thompson pass and shooting between Natale’s feet to make it 12-10. UAlbany ran off two minutes of clock on offense and held off Yale’s chance for a minute more. With less than three minutes left, UAlbany held off another Yale possession as Riorden knocked away a Cimbalista shot and a Colin Flaherty shot went wide. Yale scored on a second chance from Scott with 36 seconds left to pull the visitors within one. Yale won the next faceoff, seeing Kucharczyk fire towards the left post. Riorden saved the chance as UAlbany did not see another Yale shot, ensuring the 12-11 victory. UAlbany will board the bus and head to Loudonville, taking on arch-rival Siena on Tuesday, April 21st at 4 p.m.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

University of Albany Softball Takes Two From Cornell, 10-4 and 2-1 In Eight - UAlbany Sports 2015

ALBANY, N.Y. – Wrapping up a 12-game home stand Wednesday at Albany Field, the University at Albany softball team swept the non-conference doubleheader against the visiting Cornell Big Red, 10-4 and 2-1 in eight innings. With the pair of wins, the Great Danes improved to 21-10 on the season, while Cornell fell to 9-20. “We’re happy to get the two wins,” said Head Coach Chris Cannata. “We hit well in the first game, but we left a lot of runners on base in the second. These were two good games to see what we need to clean up before this weekend.” In game one, UAlbany took a 2-0 lead in the bottom of the first, as Alexa Toole drew a one-out walk, Maggie Cocks knocked an RBI doubled to left-center and Liz Snow ripped a run-scoring single down the left field line. The Danes steadily built their lead, plating one in the second on Vicky McFarland’s double down the left field line that brought home Jess Tate who reached on a one-out single through the right side. In the third, Snow made it a four-run game with her leadoff home run off the scoreboard in left field. However, Cornell rallied for four runs of its own in the top of the fourth, stringing together three straight singles to load the bases, followed by Taylor Goodin’s two-run double to right-centerfield. With two outs, Chloe Pendergast also doubled, plating two more to tie the game, 4-4. Patient at the plate, Lindsey Haskell and Toole drew walks and Cocks singled through the left side in the bottom of the fourth, setting up Snow’s two RBI single to the same location. The runs gave UAlbany the lead for good. In the fifth, the Great Danes tacked on four insurance runs for a 10-4 advantage. Leading off, Kayla Bailey laid down a bunt single and Samantha Broking followed with a liner through the left side. With one out, McFarland reached on a fielder’s choice and Toole followed with a two-run scoring single to center. Cocks capped the frame with a two-out and full count home run over the left field fence. Freshman Devin Durando earned her first of two wins on the day, throwing the complete game. She allowed four runs and six hits, while striking out eight. For Cornell, starter Sierra Stone (1-6) took the loss, allowing six runs and eight hits, striking out three in 3.1 innings of work. Out of the pen, Katie Carmichael threw the final 2.2 frames, getting credited with four runs and five hits, while striking out two. Offensively, UAlbany put 13 hits up on the board led by Snow’s 3-for-3 performance with four RBI and a run scored. Cocks went 3-for-4 with two runs batted in and two runs scored, while Broking also had a multi-hit effort going 2-for-2 off the bench. Quite the opposite of game one, the nightcap featured just nine hits and three runs combined. After having bases loaded in the first, UAlbany finally pushed a run through in the third, as McFarland led off with a single through the right side, stole second, and scored on Toole’s RBI single up the middle. After a pair of walks loaded the bases, Cornell worked its way out of the jam with back-to-back plays at the plate that held the score at 1-0. In the top of the seventh, the Big Red tied it up, stringing together a pair of singles and a sacrifice fly to left. Looking to walk off with the win, the Great Danes loaded the bases again in the bottom of the seventh on McFarland’s bunt single and Snow and Solano’s consecutive walks with two outs. However, Kelly Costello’s screamer to center was snagged by outfielder Meg Parker, sending the game to extras. In the eighth, Durando sat the Big Red down in order, leading to the Danes’ winning at-bats. With Costello starting at second, freshman Mackenzie Cleary’s sac bunt moved Costello to third, and Caitlin Cooper played hero with a game-winning sac fly to right. Going 2-for-4 with a run scored, McFarland led the Danes’ offensive output that totaled five hits in the victory. In the circle, Durando (10-2) earned her second win of the afternoon, tossing the final 3.2 innings out of the pen. She held the Big Red to one unearned run and two hits. Starter Mackenzie Thompson threw the opening 2.2 scoreless innings, before being relieved by freshman Nicole Parks in the third. Parks limited Cornell to just one hit in 1.2 innings. Cornell’s Maddie Orcutt (6-9) took the loss, tossing all eight. Up next, UAlbany travels to Binghamton for a three-game conference series Saturday and Sunday

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

University of Albany Men's Lacrosse: Lyle Thompson’s Breaks NCAA DI All-Time Scoring Record - UAlbany sports 2015

ALBANY, N.Y. – On a warm Tuesday night in Rhode Island, Lyle Thompson became the new NCAA Division I all-time scoring leader, adding another notch to the belt of one of the greatest players in collegiate men’s lacrosse history. Thompson’s assist to Connor Fields in the second quarter against Bryant gave him point #355 in his career to break Rob Pannell’s record. Thompson, who currently stands with 357 points off 155 goals and 202 assists, earned the record in just 63 games. In his career, along with the all-time scoring record, Thompson has earned a share of the Tewaaraton Trophy with his brother Miles Thompson, holds the single season scoring record, including two of the top four scoring seasons in DI history, is tied for the NCAA single season assists record and is just 19 assists away from matching the NCAA DI all-time assists record. After playing in the UAlbany midfield as a freshman and scoring 38 points, Thompson exploded as a member of the attack corps, leading all of Division I points per game the past three seasons: 6.65 points per game as a sophomore, 7.11 points per game as a junior and 6.5 points per game so far in his senior season.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

#18 University of Albany Women’s Lacrosse Extends Perfect Home Record to 7-0 With 15-4 Victory Over Brown - UAlbany Sports 2015

ALBANY, N.Y. – University at Albany women’s lacrosse (10-2, 3-1 AE) downed Brown (5-6, 0-4 Ivy) 15-4 on a rainy Wednesday afternoon to take its seventh consecutive win of 2015 at John Fallon Field. Dakotah Savitcheff scored a game-high seven goals, while Maureen Keggins added four assists. UAlbany opened the game on a 7-0 run. Savitcheff tallied the first goal on a free position just 20 seconds into the game. The sophomore attack won the ensuing draw control, setting up classmate Sarah Martin for a 2-0 Great Dane lead. Less than four minutes into the game, the Purple & Gold made it 3-0 as Savitcheff recorded her second of the contest. Alie Jimerson connected with Savitcheff for her first assist of two. Jimerson got in on the scoring action two minutes later, advancing around the crease for a 4-0 UAlbany advantage with just over five minutes gone in the first half. Brown won the following draw control, but Courtney Henderson intercepted a pass behind the cage to send the Danes the other direction. A Martin shot was stopped, but Henderson came up with another save to set up UAlbany in transition. Keggins found Bowles down the middle to make it 5-0 Danes. After the John Battaglino’s squad suffered its first failed clear of the game, the Bears looked to take advantage and hit the post with 15 minutes to play in the first. Battaglino called timeout to regroup. UAlbany would have two more shots on net before Nichole Eamer put away the sixth goal for a 6-0 Purple & Gold lead. Savitcheff beat the buzzer with 17 seconds left from Jimerson for the 7-0 edge at the break. Henderson had five of her six saves in the first period. The Bears did not go away quietly, opening the half with a goal to prevent the shutout. Less than one minute later Keggins forced a turnover off the draw. The senior was rewarded on the other end with her only goal of the game from Savitcheff. The duo reversed roles to put the Danes up 9-1 after Savitcheff forced a turnover near midfield. Despite winning most of the draw controls, Brown continued to cough up the ball for easy UAlbany conversions. Michelle Primomo picked up a caused turnover to send Martin downfield. She cleared to Eamer for a 10-1 lead with just under 25 minutes to play. Savitcheff would score three more times before time expired. Jimerson converted on a man-up opportunity from Rachel Bowles, and Eamer netted another unassisted goal to wrap up scoring for the Danes with less than two minutes to play. With another standout offensive performances, several Danes moved up the UAlbany record book. Savitcheff’s seven goals put her in second in Division I single-season tallies with 48 to date. She is nine goals shy of becoming the all-time leader in the category, passing Jodi Battaglia. Rachel Bowles has now tied Battaglia’s career points mark with 154. The pair rank tied for ninth all-time. Thanks to four assists against the Bears, Maureen Keggins is now 12 assists away from becoming the all-time single-season leader. She has 64 for her career to rank second in Division I career assists. Her performance against Brown helped her pass former teammate Rachael Burek. With Wedesday’s win, UAlbany is on a six-game winning streak against the Ivy League, dating back to 2013. The Danes will put that streak on the line Monday afternoon, as they face Dartmouth (1-9, 1-3 Ivy) at 3:00 p.m

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

University of Albany: Snow’s Walk-Off Lifts Softball To 2-1 Win Over UConn - UAlbany Sports 2015

ALBANY, N.Y. – With two outs in the bottom of the seventh, sophomore Liz Snow played hero, belting a two-run walk-off home run over the left field wall, lifting the University at Albany softball team to a 2-1 victory over the visiting University of Connecticut Huskies. The home run also broke up UConn pitcher Kayla Doty’s no-hitter. With the win, the Great Danes improved to 13-7 on the season, while the Huskies fell to 10-21. “We had three, four, and five up, so we were just waiting for a good at-bat to keep us in the game,” said Head Coach Chris Cannata. “We were going to bunt, but decided to let the three kids take a swing at it and see what happened, and Liz put a good swing on that one.” “I felt it. As soon as the ball was off the bat, I was like ‘Dear goodness, I hope that goes over,’” said Snow on her game-winner. The walk-off was reminiscent of Snow’s three-run home run in the bottom of the 10th inning against Stony Brook in the America East Championship last spring. Those heroics forced a deciding game that the Danes went on to win for the program’s fifth conference tournament title. UConn took a 1-0 lead in the top of the third, stringing together a pair of singles up the middle, but the Great Danes escaped the frame with minimal damage, turning a 6-4-3 double play. In the bottom of the fifth, UAlbany spoiled Doty’s perfect game, as Marlin Solano drew a leadoff walk and Snow was hit by a pitch, putting two on with no outs. However, the Huskies got out of the jam with a sac bunt and double play on a liner to short. Down to their final at-bats in the bottom of the seventh, Alexa Toole sparked the Great Danes’ rally, drawing a leadoff walk. After back-to-back flyouts to left, Snow proved clutch again with her game-winning dinger. In the circle, reliever Devin Durando (7-1) earned the win, tossing the final three innings, allowing no runs and one hit, while striking out three. Starter Erynn Sobieski threw the opening four frames, allowing one run and six scattered hits, while striking out four. Up next, the Great Danes open America East Conference play versus Maine, April 4-5.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

University of Albany Men's Lacrosse Earns First Shutout in DI Program History with 25-0 Victory - UAlbany Sports 2015

ALBANY, N.Y. – The #10/9 UAlbany men’s lacrosse team took down UMass Lowell 25-0 at home for the first-ever shutout in its Division I program history and its six-straight victory. UAlbany (7-1, 3-0 AE) dominated first-year program UMass Lowell (1-8, 0-3 AE) in every facet, outshooting its opponent 67-21, winning 23 of 29 faceoffs and scooping 65 ground balls to UML’s 24. “We got everyone a chance to play,” said UAlbany coach Scott Marr, whose UAlbany team has won 13-consecutive America East games. “UMass Lowell will be a good program, but we played at a very high level today.” Previously, UAlbany’s biggest margin of victory and top scoring defensive outcome came on April 30th, 2000 in a 24-1 win over Wagner. Connor Fields led UAlbany’s offense in the first half with a career-high nine points and seven goals, adding two assists. 17 different players scored points for UAlbany. Justin Reh scored a career-high eight points off a goal and seven assists, all coming in the second half. Lyle Thompson, Troy Reh and John Glancy each netted a pair of goals. “We were just trying to do our best and do what we do,” said Fields. “It is nice to have a game like this to get the confidence, and my teammates kept finding me for goals.” “The start of the game, our attitude was not to take [UMass Lowell] for granted,” said Thompson, whose two goals gives him 332 points in his collegiate career, just 22 points away from tying the all-time DI record of 354. On the defensive side, UAlbany’s three goalkeepers, Blaze Riorden, JD Colarusso and Trevor Cross combined for the shutout. Riorden got the victory with three saves in the first half. Colarusso had two saves in the majority of the second half while Cross, in his collegiate debut, had the sixth in the final 6:05. For UMass Lowell, Alex Desmarais got the loss with 10 saves and 13 goals allowed in the first 18 minutes. The defense exchanged shots with no one connecting in the opening five minutes. Thompson stole the ball on a UML clear attempt and scored himself to put UAlbany on the board. UAlbany kept winning faceoffs and stayed on offense, adding a Fields rebound goal, a Derrick Eccles rip and score, a John Maloney second chance shot from a Thompson saved shot, and a low shot from Fields for a goal for a 5-0 lead with 5:26 left in the 1st. After Fields added another goal minutes later, Cason Liles won faceoffs and helped UAlbany scored three goals in a span of 44 seconds from Thompson, Fields and Bennett Drake to lead 9-0 by the end of the first. Out of the gate in the second quarter, Derrick Eccles grabbed the faceoff, passed to Drake who passed to Fields for the goal. UAlbany added another couple of quick goals from Tim Cox, Kyle McClancy and Matt Garziano to lead 13-0 after 18 total minutes. UAlbany held on defense against a number of UMass Lowell shots for the next series of minutes, with Justin Reh setting up Fields for a goal, then he scored one of his own on a turnaround shot. Fields added one more as UAlbany took a 16-0 lead into the break. UAlbany went to its reserves for the next half. About three minutes in, Cody Kilcoyne picked up a ground ball from a scrum and scored his first UAlbany goal. Glancy added his first collegiate goal on a hidden ball trick in a man-up scenario. After peppering the goal with around five minutes left in the period, Mitch Rupp scored in a man-up situation, making it 19-0, the eventual score at the end of the third quarter. Troy Reh netted a goal about three minutes into the fourth quarter, with Josh Egan adding his first collegiate goal with 7:05 left in the period. The UAlbany defense held off a River Hawk attack that saw four shots in a span of 35 seconds. The reserves kept striking, with Glancy, Tom Nuckel, Troy Reh and Kevin McNally all adding late goals as the Great Danes held off UMass Lowell for the 25-0 shutout. UAlbany will head to the Carrier Dome for a battle against rival Syracuse, currently ranked #1 in the country in both polls, for a Thursday, April 2nd game at 7 p.m.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

University of Albany Men's Lacrosse: Thompson’s 9 Goal Night Leads to 21-18 Shootout Victory at Harvard - UAlbany Sports 2015

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Led by 12 points from Lyle Thompson, including a program single game record nine goals, the #10/9 UAlbany men’s lacrosse team used a five-goal run in the fourth quarter to win 21-18 over RV/RV Harvard on a rain-soaked Wednesday night. With the victory, UAlbany (6-1) earns its fifth-consecutive win and third against a team receiving votes in each lacrosse poll this season, including Drexel and Stony Brook. It is also the fourth win in as many chances for UAlbany against Harvard (4-5) all-time. “Give them credit offensively, it was a wide open game, and a fun one,” said UAlbany coach Scott Marr. “With Lyle [Thompson], it is pick your poison, and I do not know want you do. We’ve been playing in the elements, and when our transition game is there, it helps a lot.” With the game tied at 16 in the fourth quarter, UAlbany scored the next five goals in a span of seven minutes. Harvard scored twice late, but UAlbany ran out the clock to ensure the win. UAlbany outshot Harvard 57-39 in the game. Thompson tied a single game goals record with brother Miles Thompson, who had nine goals at Bryant on March 16th, 2013. “I am so used to being the feeder,” said Thompson, who earned his third double digit scoring day in the last four games. “I am normally reading the field. I knew I had to go to the net and shoot the ball.” Connor Fields scored three goals and an assist, scooping eight ground balls. Tim Cox finished with two goals and an assist, including the first goal of the fourth quarter 5-0 run, while Adam Osika earned his first two goals of the year. Blaze Riorden earned his sixth victory of the year with 14 saves in the game. For Harvard, Ian Ardrey netted four goals while Will Walker and Tim Edmonds each had hat tricks. The loss went to keeper Bryan Moore, who finished with 23 saves. Harvard scored the first two goals in the first quarter off a quick strike in transition and a diving shot by Keegan Michal. Thompson got UAlbany on the board with a bounce shot into the cage. The home team added two more in the following 90 seconds off a faceoff from Joe Lang and a low shot from Ian Ardrey. UAlbany responded with a low shot and score inside the left post corner, then 20 seconds later, Tim Cox made his defender fall, freeing him for the shot and score next to the cage. No team scored in the final 6:46 of the quarter as UAlbany trailed 4-3. The Crimson struck twice in a span of 67 seconds on transition goals to lead by three. The two sides exchanged a score for a 7-4 home team advantage. Thompson took the ball off the faceoff and fired a shot for a goal, then on the next possession, stripped the goalie of his stick, picked up the rock and scored. After Harvard scored again, Thompson pushed through a defender and scored again. UAlbany earned a 6-on-4 possession, passing around the fan to Jake Cullen for the score to tie the game. Edmonds scored a few minutes later to put Harvard back in the lead, then Thompson picked up a triple team, passing to an open Osika for the score with nine seconds left in the half. UAlbany and Harvard were tied at nine at the break. Minutes into the start of the third as the rain continued to fall, Fields fired a shot while being knocked to the ground and scored to give UAlbany the lead. 30 seconds later, Cox found Osika for another goal. Ardrey scored long range, which UAlbany countered with Fields running from a triple team to set up Seth Oakes for the hard shot and goal next to the cage. The furious pace continued as Harvard scored twice in a span of 47 seconds to tie the game at 12. Matthew Bertrams scored seconds later on a rebound shot off the faceoff, then Matt Garziano added another after receiving the pass from Thompson and running right side to the cage for the goal. UAlbany continued to attack as Thompson added another from long range, then 34 seconds afterwards, scored again on a hard shot while his stick was stripped to give UAlbany a four-goal lead. Walker and Ardrey scored close range goals for Harvard before the end of the quarter as UAlbany led 16-14 after three. The home team got back to a tie game after two goals by Sean McDonagh and Keegan Michel made it 16-16 as no team scored for the following four minutes. Cox broke the stalemate, using a spin move to get around a defender and scoring with 9:34 left to put UAlbany ahead. Connor Russell won another faceoff, leading to Kyle McClancy getting the pass and scoring from around the cage with a narrow angle. Again Russell won a faceoff, leading to Thompson drawing a defender, turning around and firing for the goal. As UAlbany held on defense, McClancy passed to Fields, who shot a low throw to the lower corner for a goal with under five minutes left. With 2:39 left, Thompson forced a turnover on the ride, fired and scored again to make it 21-16 UAlbany, completing the 5-0 run. Sean Coleman and Ardrey scored for Harvard with under two minutes left. Russell won the final faceoff as UAlbany held the ball the rest of the way to earn the 21-18 win. UAlbany returns home for a Saturday game at 1 p.m. against UMass Lowell.

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