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ALBANY CUP - Annual Award - Top Division I Collegiate Athletic Program In Albany Region

(statistical update)


Annual award given to the top division I collegiate athletic program in the city of Albany. (based on records since the University of Albany and Siena College began scheduling full year competition in most/all sports)

Annual winners:
2014 Winner -
2013 Winner - UAlbany
2012 Winner - UAlbany
2011 Winner - UAlbany
2010 Winner - UAlbany
2009 Winner - UAlbany
2008 Winner - UAlbany
2007 Winner - UAlbany
2006 Winner - UAlbany
2005 Winner - UAlbany
2004 Winner - UAlbany
2003 Winner - UAlbany
2002 Winner - UAlbany

UAlbany Overall Record: 104-34-3

2014 Head to Head, 1 on 1 Competition
TOTALS: UAlbany 5 Siena 0 Ties 0

UAlbany 4 Siena 3 - Tennis: February 2, 2014
UAlbany 6 Siena 1 - Softball: April 23, 2014
UAlbany 10 Siena 7 - Softball: April 23, 2014
UAlbany 19 Siena 11 - Lacrosse M: April 22, 2014
UAlbany 5 Siena 1 - Soccer W: August 31, 2014

2013 Head to Head, 1 on 1 Competition
TOTALS: UAlbany 6 Siena 4 Ties 0
UAlbany 4 Siena 3 - Tennis: March 9, 2013
UAlbany 3 Siena 0 - Softball: April 4, 2013
Siena 10 UAlbany 9 - Men's Lacrosse: April 23, 2013
UAlbany 3 Siena 2 - Softball: April 30, 2013 #1
Siena  7 UAlbany  5 - Softball: April 30, 2013 #2
UAlbany 6 Siena 0 - Field Hockey: Sept 18, 2013
Siena 1 UAlbany 0 - Golf: Sept 22, 2013
Siena 2 UAlbany 1 - M Soccer:  Sept 25, 2013
UAlbany  69 Siena  42 - Women's Basketball:
UAlbany 74 Siena 62 - Men's Basketball:

2012 Head to Head, 1 on 1 Competition
TOTALS: UAlbany 8 Siena 2, Ties 0
UAlbany 12 Siena 10 - Women's Lacrosse: March 7, 2012
UAlbany 7 Siena 5 - Softball #1: March 29, 2012
UAlbany 10 Siena 2 - Softball #2: March 29, 2012
UAlbany 14 Siena 13 - Men's Lacrosse: April 24, 2012
UAlbany 8 Siena 0 - Softball #3: May 1, 2012
UAlbany 6 Siena 2 - Softball #4: May 1, 2012
Siena 2 UAlbany 0 - M Soccer: Sept 23, 2012
Siena 3 UAlbany 1 - Volleyball: Sept 27, 2012
UAlbany 65 Siena 48 - Women's Basketball: Dec 1, 2012
UAlbany 69 Siena 56 - Men's Basketball: Dec 1, 2012

2011 Head to Head, 1 on 1 Competition
TOTALS: UAlbany 9 Siena 4, Ties 0
UAlbany 18 Siena 2 - Women's Lacrosse: February 23, 2011
Siena 4 UAlbany 3 - Tennis: February 27, 2011
UAlbany 7 Siena 3 - Softball #1: March 31, 2011
Siena 2 UAlbany 1 - Softball #2: March 31, 2011
UAlbany 5 Siena 1 - Softball #3: April 26, 2011
UAlbany 2 Siena 0 - Softball #4: April 26, 2011
UAlbany 12 Siena 10 - Men's Lacrosse: April 26, 2011
UAlbany 3 Siena 1 - Volleyball @ Rose Hill Classic: Sept 10, 2011
UAlbany 8 Siena 0 - Field Hockey: Sept 21, 2011
Siena 1 UAlbany 0 - M Soccer: Sept 25, 2011
UAlbany 3 Siena 0 - Volleyball: Nov 2, 2011
UAlbany 72 Siena 48 - W Basketball: Dec 3, 2011
Siena 64 UAlbany 60 - M Basketball: Dec 5, 2011

2010 Head to Head, 1 on 1 Competition
TOTALS: UAlbany 12 Siena 2, Ties 0
UAlbany 12 Siena 13 - Men's Lacrosse: March 2, 2010
UAlbany 18 Siena 2 - Women's Lacrosse: March 12, 2010
UAlbany 6 Siena 0 - Women's Softball: March 21, 2010 Game #1
UAlbany 11 Siena 3 - Women's Softball: March 21, 2010 Game #2
UAlbany 4 Siena 1 - Women's Softball: March 24, 2010 Game #1
UAlbany 4 Siena 2 - Women's Softball: March 24, 2010 Game #2
UAlbany 7 Siena 0 - Women's Tennis: April 20, 2010
UAlbany 8 Siena 1 - Women's Softball: April 27, 2010 Game #1
UAlbany 5 Siena 0 - Women's Softball: April 27, 2010 Game #2
UAlbany 1 Siena 0 - Men's Soccer: Sept 15, 2010
UAlbany 9 Siena 1 - Women's Field Hockey: Sept 28, 2010
UAlbany 0 Siena 1 - Golf: October 10, 2010
UAlbany 88 Siena 82 - Men's Basketball: December 4, 2010
UAlbany 63 Siena 59 - Women's Basketball: December 4, 2010

2009 Head to Head, 1 on 1 Competition
TOTALS: UAlbany 9 Siena 3, Ties 1
UAlbany 8 Siena 7 - Men's Lacrosse: February 25, 2009
UAlbany 2 Siena 0 - Women's Softball: March 25, 2009
UAlbany 2 Siena 0 - Women's Softball: March 25, 2009 Game #2
UAlbany 11 Siena 10 - Women’s Lacrosse: April 7, 2009
UAlbany 7 Siena 0 - Women’s Tennis: April 15, 2009
UAlbany 5 Siena 0 - Women's Softball: April 28, 2009
UAlbany 11 Siena 2 - Women's Softball: April 28, 2009 Game #2
Siena 2 UAlbany 1 - Women's Soccer: Sept 16, 2009
UAlbany 0 Siena 0 - Men's Soccer: Sept 23, 2009
UAlbany 3 Siena 0 - Volleyball: Oct 14, 2009
UAlbany 4 Siena 0 - Field Hockey: Oct 18, 2009
Siena 65 UAlbany 61 - W Basketball: Dec 6, 2009
Siena 83 UAlbany 54 - M Basketball: Dec 6, 2009

2008 Head to Head, 1 on 1 Competition
TOTALS: UAlbany 9 Siena 2
UAlbany 18 Siena 8 - Women's Lacrosse: March 3, 2008
UAlbany 3 Siena 2 - Women's Softball: March 27, 2008
UAlbany 2 Siena 1 - Women's Softball: March 27, 2008
UAlbany 13 Siena 6 - Men's Lacrosse: April 2, 2008
UAlbany 6 Siena 1 - Women's Tennis: April 16, 2008
UAlbany 7 Siena 3 - Women's Softball: April 29, 2008
Siena 4 UAlbany 0 – Women’s Soccer: Sept 7, 2008
UAlbany 3 Siena 0 – Men’s Soccer: Sept 21, 2008
UAlbany 5 Siena 0 – Field Hockey: October 7, 2008
UAlbany 3 Siena 0 – Volleyball: October 15, 2008
Siena 71 UAlbany 64– Men’s Basketball: December 6, 2008

2007 Head to Head, 1 on 1 Competition
TOTALS: UAlbany 8 Siena 4, Ties 1
UAlbany 21 Siena 8 - Men's Lacrosse: March 3, 2007
UAlbany 8 Siena 5 - Women's Lacrosse: March 12, 2007
Siena 5 UAlbany 3 - Women's Softball: March 28, 2007
UAlbany 4 Siena 2 - Women's Softball: March 28, 2007
UAlbany 6 Siena 1 - Women's Tennis: April 17, 2007
UAlbany 8 Siena 1 - Women's Softball: May 1, 2007
UAlbany 11 Siena 4 - Women's Softball: May 1, 2007
UAlbany 7 Siena 0 – Field Hockey: September 14, 2007
Siena 3 UAlbany 1 – Men’s Soccer: Sept 19, 2007
UAlbany 2 Siena 2 – Women’s Soccer: Sept 26, 2007
UAlbany 3 Siena 2 – Volleyball: October 21, 2007
Siena 61 UAlbany 50 – Women’s Basketball: December 1, 2007
Siena 75 UAlbany 71 – Men’s Basketball: December 1, 2007

2006 Head to Head, 1 on 1 Competition
TOTALS: UAlbany 8 Siena 2, Ties 1
UAlbany 16 Siena 4 - Women's Lacrosse: February 24, 2006
UAlbany 14 Siena 9 - Men's Lacrosse: March 4, 2006
UAlbany 9 Siena 0 - Women's Softball: March 29, 2006
Siena 11 UAlbany 10 - Women's Softball: March 29, 2006
UAlbany 4 Siena 3 – Women’s Tennis: April 19, 2006
UAlbany 6 Siena 0 – Field Hockey: September 6, 2006
UAlbany 0 Siena 0 – Women’s Soccer: Sept 8, 2006
UAlbany 3 Siena 1 – Men’s Soccer: Sept 20, 2006
UAlbany 3 Siena 1 – Volleyball: Sept 26, 2006
UAlbany 72 Siena 52 – Women’s Basketball: November 17, 2006
Siena 76 UAlbany 75 – Men’s Basketball: December 2, 2006

2005 Head to Head, 1 on 1 Competition
TOTALS: UAlbany 7 Siena 4
UAlbany 14 Siena 11 - Women's Lacrosse: February 25, 2005
UAlbany 9 Siena 6 - Women's Softball: March 23, 2005
UAlbany 4 Siena 3 - Women's Tennis: April 19, 2005
UAlbany 2 Siena 0 - Women's Softball: May 4, 2005
Siena 3 UAlbany 2 - Women's Softball: May 4, 2005
UAlbany 2 Siena 0 – Women’s Soccer: Sept 5, 2005
UAlbany 4 Siena 1 – Field Hockey: Sept 7, 2005
Siena 1 UAlbany 0 – Men’s Soccer: Sept 21, 2005
UAlbany 3 Siena 0 – Volleyball: October 4, 2005
Siena 61 UAlbany 55 – Women’s Basketball: November 23, 2005
Siena 82 UAlbany 74– Men’s Basketball: December 2, 2005

2004 Head to Head, 1 on 1 Competition
TOTALS: UAlbany 11 Siena 1
UAlbany 12 Siena 5 - Women's Lacrosse: March 27, 2004
UAlbany 4 Siena 3 - Women's Softball: March 30, 2004
UAlbany 5 Siena 2 - Women's Softball: March 30, 2004
UAlbany 5 Siena 2 - Women's Tennis: April 12, 2004
UAlbany 14 Siena 2 - Men's Lacrosse: April 22, 2004
UAlbany 4 Siena 1 - Women's Softball: May 6, 2004
UAlbany 5 Siena 1 – Women’s Softball: May 6, 2004
Siena 2 UAlbany 1 – Women’s Soccer: Sept 3, 2004
UAlbany 2 Siena 0 – Field Hockey: Sept 8, 2004
UAlbany 1 Siena 0 – Men’s Soccer: Sept 10, 2004
UAlbany 3 Siena 0 – Volleyball: Sept 21, 2004
UAlbany 86 Siena 65 – Men’s Basketball: December 6, 2004

2003 Head to Head, 1 on 1 Competition
TOTALS: UAlbany 7 Siena 3
UAlbany 18 Siena 6 - Women's Lacrosse: March 25, 2003
UAlbany 2 Siena 0 - Women's Softball: April 13, 2003
UAlbany 6 Siena 5 - Women's Softball: April 13, 2003
UAlbany 14 Siena 2 - Men's Lacrosse: April 22, 2003
UAlbany 3 Siena 1 – Volleyball: Sept 2, 2003
UAlbany 2 Siena 0 – Men’s Soccer: Sept 13, 2003
UAlbany 7 Siena 1 – Field Hockey: September 17, 2003
Siena 2 UAlbany 0– Women’s Soccer: Sept 21, 2003
Siena 63 UAlbany 46 – Women’s Basketball: November 21, 2003
Siena 71 UAlbany 50 – Men’s Basketball: November 21, 2003

2002 Head to Head, 1 on 1 Competition
TOTALS: UAlbany 5 Siena 3
UAlbany 10 Siena 3 - Women's Lacrosse: March 26, 2002
Siena 7 UAlbany 0 - Women's Tennis: April 17, 2002
UAlbany 17 Siena 5 - Men's Lacrosse: April 18, 2002
UAlbany 3 Siena 1 – Men’s Soccer: Sept 28, 2002
UAlbany 3 Siena 1 – Field Hockey: October 1, 2002
UAlbany 3 Siena 1 – Volleyball: November 12, 2002
Siena 74 UAlbany 56 – Women’s Basketball: November 22, 2002
Siena 79 UAlbany 75 – Men’s Basketball: November 22, 2002

University of Albany CAA Football's Gattuso Captures 100th Career Win In 37-20 Victory Over URI - UAlbany Sports 2014

Courtesy: UAlbany Sports KINGSTON, R.I. – The University at Albany football program scored 37 consecutive points en route to a 37-20 win over the hosting University of Rhode Island Rams Saturday afternoon at Meade Stadium. Improving to 3-0 on the year, the victory marked the first CAA conquest in program history, as well as Head Coach Greg Gattuso’s 100th win of his coaching career. “Every game has tons of adversity and we started out with a lot of adversity,” said Gattuso. “These guys are resilient and they play hard. The big thing is if they keep believing in what we do well, we have a chance to win games and that’s what they did. They didn’t panic, we just kept doing what we do.” In the milestone triumph, the Great Danes racked up 437 yards of offense, while holding the Rams to 286. Redshirt senior running back Omar Osbourne rushed for 153 yards on 27 carries, marking his ninth career 100+ rushing performance. He was supplemented by sophomore Andre Martin’s 14 carries and 45 yards, while Jake Meek led the squad with two rushing touchdowns on seven touches and 41 rushing yards. Totaling four touchdowns as a team, redshirt senior Will Fiacchi threw for two, connecting with tight end Brian Parker and freshman wide receiver Josh Gontarek, while completing 14-of-29 passes for a total of 188 yards. In addition to grabbing his first career touchdown, Gontarek finished with five receptions and 87 yards, followed by Cole King’s five catches for 60 yards. Defensively, the Great Danes once again snuffed out the oppositions’ ground game, holding URI to just 79 rushing yards on 29 attempts (2.7 yards/rush). In addition, UAlbany benefitted 17 points off of turnovers thanks to UAlbany’s hardnosed defensive attack. Redshirt senior tackle Tim Kologrivov was the defensive playmaker of the game, recovering a fumble that eventually resulted in a field goal, and forcing a fumble on a ferocious sack that ultimately gave the Danes’ a touchdown in the resulting drive. Safety Kyle Sakowski also added a spark, recording a 24-yard interception that led to a UAlbany touchdown, in addition to logging five tackles. Rayshan Clark led the team with six solo tackles, while Christian Dorsey also brought down six (3 solo). UAlbany kicker Patrick Toole had a career game, sailing three straight field goal attempts through the uprights, including a 46-yarder and a pair of 23-yarders. In addition he made all four point-after kicks, as well as averaged 61.0 yards on seven kickoffs with two touchbacks. In front of a home-opening crowd of 6,351, the Rams encompassed the energy to jump out to a 14-0 head start in the first quarter. Using six plays to travel 50-yards down the natural grass gridiron, URI took a 7-0 lead on Mack Lowrie’s seven-yard pass to Ross Kim with 11:04 on the clock. In their next possession, the Rams moved 43-yards on six plays, capped by Lyle McCombs’ one-yard touchdown run with 7:32 remaining in the first.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

University of Albany Field Hockey Catapults Into NFHCA Top-10, Attains Highest All-Time Ranking at #7 - UAlbany Sports 2014

Courtesy: UA Sports ALBANY, N.Y.- The University at Albany field hockey squad (6-1) garnered its highest all-time national ranking this week, when the Great Danes took the No. 7 spot in the poll. The Purple & Gold defeated No. 8 Stanford on Sunday for its first program win over a top-10 team. The week of Sept. 16 marks the second straight week the Great Danes have been ranked in the NFHCA top-15. The team achieved a No. 12 ranking in Week 1. Phil Sykes’s squad’s highest national ranking before this week was No. 11, a post the team reached mid-way through last season. UAlbany field hockey faces another ranked foe this weekend, in No. 10 Virginia on Sunday at 1:00 pm.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

#12 University of Albany Field Hockey Earns Win Over #8 Stanford - UAlbany Sports 2014

Courtesy: UA Sports STANFORD, CALIF. – The University at Albany field hockey squad (6-1) earned its first program win over an NFHCA top-10 nationally ranked opponent on Sunday afternoon, downing No. 8 Stanford 1-0. Echo Bretz scored the gamewinner on a tip-in from Paula Heuser. “We had three or four really great chances, but the effort from our team today was outstanding,” said head coach Phil Sykes. “To come out of this trip with the time change and the heat with two shutouts over great teams is absolutely fantastic.” In a quick start for the Great Danes, Kelly Bonner fired wide in the opening moments of the game. After Stanford went the other way briefly, Anna Bottino took a shot that required a Cardinal defensive save with 12 minutes gone in the first. Shortly after Bretz tallied her first shot of the day, but the attempt was thwarted by Stanford’s goalkeeper. Both teams looked to make substitutions early and often on a hot day, with the Great Danes taking advantage early. The Purple & Gold earned its first penalty corner attempt with 15 minutes past in the first half. The opportunity resulted in a shot and subsequent save for Heuser. The Cardinal countered for a series of penalty corners on the other end, before a save by Maxi Primus sent the Great Danes down the field. With time expiring on the opening period, Heuser charged down the left side and found Bretz running onto the far-side post. Bretz redirected the pass into the cage to give UAlbany its 1-0 lead going into the break. Phil Sykes’s squad didn’t fall on its heels early in the second half, as Heuser had another opportunity stopped by a defensive save just five minutes into the period. The sophomore midfielder had three more shots saved by Stanford keeper Dulcie Davies in the opening moments of the half. All seven of Heuser’s shots in the game were on goal. With Heuser having her way in the offensive end, Stanford took a timeout just 10 minutes into the half to regroup. The timeout proved well timed, as the Great Danes picked up a yellow card five minutes later. The card left UAlbany one player down for five minutes at a critical point in the match. The back line responded with a strong defensive stand that allowed no shots while shorthanded. Phil Sykes called timeout shortly after the card time expired. Primus made a crucial save with 12 minutes left to maintain the 1-0 lead, and the Great Danes held on despite the Cardinal pulling their goalie with 3:30 left in regulation. Maxi Primus recorded her fifth shutout of the season to go with three saves. No. 12 UAlbany dominated the game in shots (7-2, 5-1 SOG) and penalty corners (6-2). The Purple & Gold did not allow a Stanford penalty corner in the second half. Heuser has now tallied 67 points for her career. The sophomore midfielder leads the team in points with 22, having tallied at least one point in six of seven games this season. UAlbany’s win ends Stanford’s unbeaten streak at six games, and hands the Cardinal their first shutout loss since Oct. 20 of last season when Stanford fell to then-No. 8 Duke in Durham. The Great Danes wrap up their five-game road test at No. 9 Virginia on Sunday, Sept. 21 at 1:00 p.m.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

University of Albany CAA Football Shuts Out Central Connecticut State, 19-0, For 100th FCS Win - UAlbany Sports 20141

Courtesy: UA Sports NEW BRITAIN, Conn. – Despite a nearly two hour lightning delay between the first and second halves, the University at Albany football program kept up its intensity on the defensive end from start to finish, overcoming Central Connecticut State, 19-0, Saturday night at Arute Field. The victory improved the Great Danes’ record to 2-0 on the season, while the Blue Devils fell to 1-1. The win also marked the 100th in UAlbany’s FCS program history, as well as the 12th shutout since going Division I. As a team, the Great Danes totaled 310 yards of offense while holding CCSU to 195, including just 21 rushing yards. CCSU running back, Rob Holloman – the reigning FCS Offensive Player of the Week – managed just 33 rushing yard on nine carries against the Danes’ suffocating defense. “I’m happy as heck with them,” said Head Coach Greg Gattuso. “That’s six straight quarters with a zero. I’m happy with their play. They’ve been hustling. We were resilient as usual." Quarterback Will Fiacchi completed 13-of-28 passes for 163 yards, and two touchdown tosses to senior Cole King. King finished the night with two touchdowns, five receptions, and 96 receiving yards. On the ground, senior running back Omar Osbourne led the team with 110 rushing yards, matching a career-high 35 carries. Defensively, UAlbany logged three fumble recoveries and an interception. Michael Nicastro led the squad with 10 tackles (5 solo) and a fumble recovery. Safety T.J. Idowu finished with seven tackles (4 solo) and forced two fumbles, while JoJo McClary had six tackles and a fumble recovery. In addition, Rayshan Clark earned his first career interception, and senior linebacker Christian Dorsey totaled four tackles and a fumble recovery. It didn’t take long for the Great Danes to make a mark, taking a 3-0 lead on their first drive of the contest. Driving 46-yards on 11 plays, Patrick Toole put UAlbany on the board with a 36-yard field goal with 8:44 remaining in the first quarter. Back-to-back three-and-outs set up a sequence of punts for both UAlbany’s Jon Martin and CCSU’s Ed Groth. In the first half, Martin punted four times, averaging 38.8 yards, including two that pinned the Blue Devils inside the 20. Meanwhile, the Danes’ defense forced CCSU to punt five times in the opening half. Starting their drive with 7:20 remaining in the second quarter, the Great Danes struck again barreling their way down the gridiron for a 10-0 head start. Fiacchi led off the nine-play drive with an 18-yard pass to Brian Parker. He followed with a 19-yard pass to Osbourne, and then with 2nd-and-10 on the CCSU 44, Fiacchi found King 12-yards down field. On 3rd-and-7, Osbourne put the Great Danes inside the red zone, scrambling 11 yards through the Blue Devil defense after a screen pass. With 3:29 on the clock, Fiacchi capped the drive, connecting a 17-yard touchdown pass to King, marking the senior’s first touchdown reception of the season. His second didn’t come long after, as the UAlbany defense forced CCSU to punt with 1:55 to go in the half. Groth’s 13-yard punt out of bounds gave the Great Danes the ball on the UAlbany-34 with 1:28 remaining. Osbourne’s explosive 11-yard run and Fiacchi’s 28-yard pass to King moved the chains to the CCSU 27. On 2nd-and-10, Fiacchi connected with King again for a 27-yard touchdown reception, and Toole’s made point-after with seven seconds remaining sent UAlbany into the halftime hiatus with a 17-0 advantage. After lightning delays extended halftime nearly two hours, the Great Danes took a 19-0 lead with 11:55 remaining in the third. UAlbany stifled CCSU’s opening drive, as Zach Troutman logged a sack for a loss of eight yards, and Michael Smith’s quarterback pressure resulted in a six-yard loss, forcing the Blue Devils to punt. The snap from the CCSU-20 sailed high over Groth’s head and into the end zone, resulting in a safety. A steady rain throughout the third quarter wreaked havoc for both offenses, causing a sequence of turnovers. Jojo McClary recovered a fumble after Martin’s punt ricocheted off the chest of Holloman on the return. However, the next play, CCSU took possession back on Jevon Elmore’s interception. Fortunately for the Great Danes, the turnover did not result in any points on the board. Standing firm in the fourth quarter, the Great Danes secured the shutout, as Clark picked off a pass, and Nicastro recovered a fumble after another misplayed punt return. Martin had an outstanding performance on special teams, punting eight times for 321 yards (40.1 avg.), including a 53-yarder and two that pinned CCSU inside the 20. After a bye week, the Great Danes resume action Saturday, September 20th at Rhode Island, marking the first CAA game of the season.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Viktoriia Stroilo Joins 1,000-Dig Club as University of Albany Volleyball Defeats Boston College 3-2 - UAlbany Sports 2014

Courtesy: UA Sports NEW HAVEN, Conn. – Down 2-1, the volleyball UAlbany team rallied from behind in each the next two games to win over Boston College in five sets (26-24, 19-25, 22-25, 26-24, 16-14) to open the Yale Invitational. UAlbany (1-3) was down 6-2 to Boston College (2-2) in the fifth set, using a 5-0 run off the serving of Lauren Spreen to come back. The Great Danes were unable to convert the first two match points, but third was a charm after an Olivia Schonewise kill was followed by a Tatum Jungsten-Laini Leindecker combo block for the victory. "Though we made some of the same mistakes we did last week, we made corrections sooner, and that made a big difference," said UAlbany coach MJ Engstrom. "Laini [Leindecker] served aggressively tonight and we got a lot of points because of it. Amanda [Dolan] had critical kills at the end of the match, and Lauren [Spreen] did an awesome job coming into the back row at the end of the final two sets." Amanda Dolan hit .308 in the match, earning 11 kills and two solo blocks. Viktoriia Stroilo joined the 1000-dig club with 27 digs in the match, totaling 1006 in her career. Three UAlbany players earned double-doubles: Schonewise had 14 kills and 12 digs, Leindecker tallied 10 kills, 13 digs and four blocks and Mikala McCauley finished with 28 assists and 11 digs, adding three kills. For BC, Julia Topor led the Eagles with 16 kills, hitting .190. Katty Workman finished with 12 kills and 16 digs, while Sol Calvete had 10 kills and 14 digs. An early 4-1 run, capped by a Leindecker-Sofia Furlong combo block, to lead 4-2. BC took back the lead as the two sides battled back and forth, until at 10-10, a 3-0 run by BC, finished by a Lauren Fields ace, put the Eagles ahead 13-10. At 17-14, Emily Lopes served UAlbany back into the lead with four-straight points to make it 18-17. Back-and-forth the set went as BC got the first game chance after two-straight Workman kills gave BC a 24-23 advantage. Schonewise saved the day for UAlbany, notching a kill, a block and another kill for a 26-24 UAlbany win in set one. With UAlbany leading early in set two 3-2, Topor’s serving and a couple of Workman kills got a 5-0 BC run together. Using a couple of Leindecker kills, the Great Danes got back to within two at 9-7. BC got the lead to five, and following an Amy Hunter kill, Fields served the team through an 8-0 run to bring BC up 22-10. At 23-11, UAlbany did not give in, winning eight of the next nine points, including two Schonewise kills plus a kill and ace from Dolan. A Kellie Barnum kill ended the game, giving BC a 25-19 second set win. UAlbany used a couple of 3-0 runs, including a number of BC attack errors, to build an early 8-3 lead in set three. BC won five of the next six to pull within one. UAlbany kept the advantage off Lopes’s serving, taking three straight, capped by a kill and block from Hunter, to go back up 12-8. BC gained a bit of ground, but UAlbany retained the advantage until 19-17, when BC took the next three. At 21-21, BC went on a 3-0 run to get set point. UAlbany defended once, but not the second as BC won the set 25-22 to take the lead in the match 2-1. The fourth set saw an exchange of runs, as UAlbany took three-straight, then BC got three in a row and uAlbany countered with the next three to make it 6-3 UAlbany. After a UAlbany attack error, Leindecker’s serving, including an ace, sent UAlbany through a 5-0 run to build an 11-4 lead. At 14-8, BC countered with eight-consecutive points to go up 16-14. Two BC attack errors tied the set at 16 as the sides started to go back-and-ofrth again. BC went up 21-18, which UAlbany used a 3-0 run again off Leindecker’s serving to tie the game back up. BC took three of the next four for a match point chance. UAlbany protected after three-consecutive BC attack errors, capped by a Jungsten solo block to turn the tables. Schonewise finished again with a kill to give the set to UAlbany 26-24, sending the match to a tiebreak. BC started set five with a 4-0 run off Fields’s serving, later leading 6-2. Started by a Leindecker kill, Spreen served UAlbany through a 5-0 run to take the lead. The teams exchanged points until the set was tied 12-12. A Dolan kill and Workman attack error gave UAlbany match point, but BC tied it at 14. A Schonewise kill gave a third chance, which was successful after Jungsten and Leindecker blocked a Brittany Pavich attack. UAlbany took a 16-14 tiebreak win to earn the victory 3-2. UAlbany takes on tournament host Yale tomorrow at 1 p.m., followed by Minnesota at 5 p.m.

Monday, September 1, 2014

University of Albany: Heuser’s Five-Point Performance Lifts Field Hockey Past Ohio State 4-0 - UAlbany Sports 2014

Courtesy: UA Sports ALBANY, N.Y. – The University at Albany field hockey team (3-0) wrapped up its three-game homestand on Labor Day with a 4-0 win against Ohio State (0-2). Sophomore midfielder Paula Heuser had two goals and an assist for a total of five points against the Buckeyes. “It was a complete team effort this weekend,” said head coach Phil Sykes. “Today we kept our composure, and despite playing three games in four days I thought this was our best performance yet. Ohio State gave us a good early test, and we were up to the challenge.” Once again the Great Danes came out strong, scoring twice in the opening 10 minutes. After four penalty corners to start the game, Heuser finally converted on an insert from Fiori Van Rijswijk and a stop by Laura Page. Two minutes later captain Amy Nicklin poked in a penalty corner rebound to make the score 2-0. “We started off strong this weekend and wanted to take something good from every game,” said Nicklin. “It was nice to get three wins and come away with some positives.” With eight minutes gone in the second half, Heuser found the back of the cage again on a penalty corner fake from Page and Van Rijswijk. The goal was her sixth of the season and her 14th point of the weekend. Freshman Anna Bottino wrapped up scoring seven minutes shy of the end of the game. Senior defender Jordyn Homyak received a give-and-go down the left side and made her way into the circle to find Bottino. The assist was her second career point. In a rematch of the 2010 NCAA First Round at Penn State, the Purple & Gold out-shot Ohio State 21-3, and held an 11-1 advantage on penalty corners. Maxi Primus recorded her third consecutive shutout win in the cage with one save. In three games this weekend, UAlbany allowed just 15 shots and six on goal. The Great Danes are averaging 4.67 goals per game, and have taken 25 penalty corners to their opponents’ nine. The Purple & Gold faces its toughest game so far this season when it travels to No. 5 Syracuse (2-0) next Saturday, Sept. 6. UAlbany will then continue on to Cornell for a game at 1:00 p.m., in Ithaca, N.Y., on Sunday.

Paltsios Goal, Three Assists Leads University of Albany Women's Soccer to Crush Siena 5-1 - UAlbany Sports 2014

Courtesy: UA Sports ALBANY, N.Y. – Led by a goal and three assists from Caitlyn Paltsios, the UAlbany women’s soccer team dominated Capital District-rival Siena 5-1 to earn its first win of the year. “It is a huge win and turning point for us mentally,” said UAlbany coach Caitlin Cucchiella. “It proves that all the work we have done over the year has paid off. I could not be more proud of the valiant effort and dedication to commit to getting the W tonight.” Paltsios earned a career-high five points in the match for UAlbany (1-2) and set a new program-DI record with three assists in a game. “I am very excited about the win, we came out strong and did not let up,” said Paltsios. “The whole team worked well together tonight.” Four other Great Danes scored their first goal of the year: Kiana Rugar netted the first goal of the game, followed by Shelby Belak, Vivian Vega and Bianca Webb. Alana Brennan earned the victory in goal with five saves, earning her eighth victory in her career to move into second all-time in UAlbany DI history. It is the first win for UAlbany over Siena (1-3) since 2005, when the Great Danes won 2-0 at home. “I truly believe we have turned a corner, and I could not be more excited for the remainder of the season,” said Cucchiella. Cassy Landis scored Siena’s lone goal in the second half, assisted by Tara Sobierajski. Taylor Booth got the loss with five goals allowed and four saves. Siena was the aggressor early, getting off the game’s first three shots. In the 15th minute, Madison Vasquez got off a hard shot, but Brennan made the save to hold the stalemate. UAlbany countered the other way and saw Alexa Schneider make a shot past the diving keeper in the next minute, but the ball deflected off the post and out of bounds. The ball stayed in the UAlbany offensive half as the team drew two corners, but did not get off a shot. Later in the 27th minute, Stephanie Nelle got clear and fired a shot from 15 yards out, but the ball went high. In the 37th minute, a shot from Leanne Miller was blocked right to Vega on the left side. Vega kicked the ball past the keeper, but a Siena defender behind the goalie knocked the ball away. UAlbany stayed aggressive and got a corner kick attempt from Paltsios, and with 37:35 elapsed, Rugar headed the ball into the net to give UAlbany a 1-0 lead. Siena got a chance on a shot from Kensey Waterman in the 40th minute with Brennan making the save. UAlbany went into the locker room up 1-0. Into the second half, a free kick into the box found an open Vega eight yards out straight away, but the header went above the net in the 50th minute. The team got another chance six minutes later, but Schneider’s header also missed. Third time was a charm as on a free kick cross, Paltsios found Belak for the header goal, giving UAlbany a 2-0 lead with 58:03 elapsed. Siena was quick to respond. UAlbany knocked away two corner kicks in a span of 12 seconds, but a third attempt in the 61st minute was headed in by Landis to pull the visitors within one at 2-1. UAlbany got a couple of breakaway attempts in the following minutes, with shots from Morgan Loder and Fitzpatrick going high. In the 73rd minute, Siena tried to counter after a UAlbany corner with a Michele Trembley breakaway, but Brennan saved her attempt. The other way, Vega was set up for a header, with Booth making a punch save. Vega got the ball right back and kicked the ball inside the left post for the score at the 74:39 mark, putting UAlbany up 3-1. UAlbany stayed aggressive and saw shots from Loder and Vega saved by Booth. In the 83rd minute, Paltsios received the ball from 20 yards out, fired and placed the ball inside the right post past a diving Booth for the goal, making it 4-1 UAlbany. Siena got its last shot off in the game from Maria Jones in the following minute, kicking it wide of the right post. Webb missed a header in the 86th minute but got another chance in the 90th, with a Paltios corner going to her. Webb headed the ball in for the score, setting the eventual final score at 5-1 UAlbany. UAlbany will finish up its homestand on Friday at 5 p.m., taking on in-state foe Iona at Bob Ford Field.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

University of Albany Men’s Soccer Wraps Up JMU Invitational With 3-1 Victory Over James Madison - UAlbany Sports 2014

Courtesy: UA Sports HARRISONBURG, Va. – University at Albany men’s soccer (1-0-1) started strong and maintained the lead throughout the game in a 3-1 win at James Madison (0-2-0). “Today was a good performance from our entire squad,” said head coach Trevor Gorman. “Everyone played an important role and it was nice to see us score some quality goals against a tough opponent on the road.” UAlbany wasted no time getting on the board just 10 minutes into the game. Leo Melgar recorded the first goal of 2014 in dramatic fashion, coming up on the right end of a service and knocking it in while still on the ground. The sophomore from Brazil tallied his second career goal on the service by Keith Traut. Traut earned his first career point. “We bounced back from Friday’s draw with a full team effort to give us the win we were hungry for,” said Traut. “It took every player we had to put in the performance for a very good win to start off our season.” Ten minutes later Jonathan Interiano nearly made the score 2-0, as he found himself in a one-on-one situation with the James Madison keeper. The Dukes goalie managed to come off his line and make the save. Jake Barros notched his first career goal as a Great Dane, as he was left all alone on the left side. Phil Denara found the freshman with plenty of space and just the goalie to beat. Barros gave the Purple & Gold a 2-0 lead going into halftime. Melgar and classmate Bernardo Mattos both had shots go over the bar to open the second half. Anthony Rozzano gave the Great Danes a comfortable 3-0 lead after converting on a penalty kick with 20 minutes remaining. Denara continued to excel on the service late in the game, nearly connecting with Mattos for a header to score. The James Madison goalie stepped in to make the save on the far side. UAlbany emerges from opening weekend undefeated for the first time since 2010. The Purple & Gold finished second at the James Madison Invitational after going 1-0-1. Tim Allen and Jake Barros were named to the JMU Invitational All-Tournament Team. Trevor Gorman’s squad returns to Bob Ford Field for a three-game homestand beginning Friday. The Great Danes will play the second half of a doubleheader featuring both UAlbany soccer teams against Colgate at 7:30 p.m.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

University of Albany CAA Football Captures First Win In Gattuso Era With, 14-13, Thriller Over Holy Cross - UAlbany Sports 2014

Courtesy: UA Sports ALBANY, N.Y. -- With 44 seconds remaining in the 2014 season-opener Saturday, sophomore Neil Morrison returned a 79-yard fumble recovery for a touchdown and junior kicker Patrick Toole's point-after gave the University at Albany football program a 14-13 victory over the visiting Holy Cross Crusaders. The win marked the first in the Greg Gattuso era, as well as the program's first at Bob Ford Field. “We’ve been preaching fourth quarter and it’s never over ‘til it’s over,” Gattuso said. “I don’t think anyone expected a 79-yard fumble recovery. Next thing you know Neil’s running down the field with the football in his hand and all I can think is just ‘Run, baby, run.” Redshirt senior Will Fiacchi totaled 182 passing yards on the night, completing19-of-31 passes, including a 12-yard touchdown toss to senior tight end Brian Parker. Parker finished with six receptions and 87 yards. Making his Great Danes debut, true freshman Josh Gontarek led the squad with nine catches for 67 yards. Senior running back Omar Osbourne was the go-to in the ground game, carrying the ball 20 times for a total of 85 rushing yards. He also connected with Fiacchi for three receptions and 22 yards in the air. Defensively, senior linebacker Kyle Jordan served as a spark and game-changer, forcing two fumbles, including the game-winner, and finished with nine tackles, including five solo. Safety Rayshan Clark led UAlbany with 10 tackles (three solo), while redshirt sophomore inside linebacker Michael Nicastro brought down nine. Morrison totaled eight tackles on the night, including four unassisted. Battling back from a 13-0 deficit in thrilling fashion in front of a crowd of 6,748, the Great Danes did not get on the board until 11:05 remaining in the fourth quarter. Holy Cross made the first mark with Connor Fitzgerald's 26-yard field goal with 2:06 on the clock in the opening stanza. Using nine plays to travel 76 yards, Fitzgerald connected again with a 23-yard kick through the uprights, giving the Crusaders a 6-0 advantage with 9:53 left in the second quarter. Forcing UAlbany to punt, Holy Cross took over with 2:23 to go in the first half. With time dwindling, the Crusaders took a 13-0 lead into the break, as quarterback Peter Pujals – the reigning Patriot League Rookie of the Year -- connected a 1-yard pass to Jake Wieczorek with eight seconds remaining. However, those would be Holy Cross' final points of the game, as the Great Dane defense stifled the Crusaders the rest of the way. While neither team could get anything going offensively in the third quarter, including a missed field goal on both sides, UAlbany broke its silence early in the fourth. Using eight plays to cover 62 yards, including three consecutive rushes by Osbourne, UAlbany moved into the red-zone at the 12-yard line. Rolling to his right on third-and-two, Parker swallowed Fiacchi's pass in the front of the end zone, making the score, 13-7, after the extra point. With the opportunity to take a two-score lead with 6:12 remaining, Fitzgerald's 27-yard field goal attempt sailed wide left for Holy Cross, opening a window for the Great Danes. While the Danes had to punt with 4:34 to go, the UAlbany defense kept its composure in the waning minutes. "The only thing that was going through my head after the (first) touchdown was we've got one more to go, we've got one more to go," Parker said. "The defense has got to make a stop." They did. Looking to run out the clock, Holy Cross forced the Great Danes to burn three timeouts, as the Crusaders slowly made their way down the gridiron. However, the tide shifted violently with third-and-seven on UAlbany's 21-yardline, when Jordan sent running back Gabe Guild's helmet flying and Morrison scampered 79-yards with the fumble recovery. “My teammates came out of nowhere, made a big play when we needed it and the ball presented itself,” said Morrison. “I just took it and ran with it. We needed a big play, it just happened.” The UAlbany defense held on to the victory, breaking up Holy Cross' desperation laterals in the final seconds of the contest. For the Crusaders, Pujals threw for 323 yards, completing 23-of-42 passes. Wieczorek served as his top target, recording seven receptions for 149 yards, while Guild totaled 75 rushing yards on 23 carries. On paper, Holy Cross stood out, converting 12-of-24 third-down conversions, and racking up 440 yards of total offense compared to UAlbany’s 263. However, it came down to big plays, and that’s where UAlbany stood out. Up next, the Great Danes (1-0) travel to Central Connecticut State Saturday for a 6:00 p.m. non-conference contest.

Friday, August 29, 2014

UAlbany Field Hockey Takes Commanding 7-0 Victory Over Hofstra in Season Opener - UAlbany Sports 2014

Courtesy: UA Sports ALBANY, N.Y. – University at Albany field hockey (1-0) opened 2014 in swift fashion on Friday afternoon with a 7-0 win over Hofstra (0-1). The 2013 America East Midfielder and Rookie of the Year Paula Heuser led the Great Danes with seven points (3g, 1a). “I was very happy with our team balance today,” said head coach Phil Sykes. “We had a lot of energy, and with new players in their first game I thought we had good energy and we trusted each other. The way we moved the ball today is a good sign for the rest of the season.” Senior Echo Bretz got 2014 rolling with the first Purple & Gold tally in the sixth minute. Freshman Anna Bottino found the senior forward in front of the net after making her way down the left side. Bottino’s assist was her first career point. Two minutes later Fiori Van Rijswijk inserted a penalty corner stopped by Laura Page. Paula Heuser blasted the penalty corner attempt down the middle to give UAlbany a 2-0 lead. Heuser took the ball herself mid-way through the first half on her own rebound for her second goal of the game. Freshman Kelsey Briddell notched her first career goal as a Great Dane from Heuser in the 20th minute. Heuser made her way through a crowd of Pride defenders to find Briddell at the goal line. Fellow classmate Bottino scored her first career goal to close scoring in the first half. The freshman midfielder fired a shot from the left side of the circle to give UAlbany a 5-0 lead at the break. Hofstra came out strong after UAlbany got comfortable to start the second half. The Pride nearly tallied a goal with 10 minutes gone in the second half, but Jordyn Homyak stepped in to make the defensive save and maintain momentum. The rookies combined for the sixth goal, with Briddell recording the tally and Bottino earning the assist. Briddell earned her first assist less than one minute later on a service to Heuser. The freshman forward found herself deep on the Hofstra end line before splitting two defenders for the Heuser goal. Maxi Primus took her first shutout win in the cage with two saves. The sophomore didn’t see her first shot on goal until there were five minutes remaining in the first half. The Great Danes continue a three-game homestand with Bryant on Sunday at 1:00 p.m

Sunday, May 11, 2014

2014 University of Albany Softball Defeats Stony Brook, Wins Fifth America East Title

Courtesy: UA Sports STONY BROOK, N.Y. – For the first time since the 2011 season, when the members of this year’s senior class were freshmen, the University at Albany softball team have been crowned America East Champions, the fifth title in school history. The Danes (33-11) defeated Stony Brook (34-18) 8-1 for the second straight time when facing elimination to clinch the title. By virtue of winning the America East Tournament, UAlbany has earned an automatic berth into the NCAA Tournament regionals. Brittany MacFawn (19-6), who pitched all 10 innings of the morning game, once again took the mound for UAlbany in the afternoon. MacFawn pitched a complete game, allowing one run on five hits with three strikeouts and no walks. Unlike the morning game, which went scoreless through nine innings, UAlbany broke onto the scoreboard early, scoring two runs in the top of the first inning. Vicky McFarland led off the game with a double to center field, and advanced to second on Kelly Costello’s sacrifice bunt in the next at-bat. Maggie Cocks hit a single to right that allowed McFarland to score. Charlise Castro then worked a walk, putting runners on first and second. Elizabeth Snow, the hero in the first game, hit a single to right, loading up the bases. Marlin Solano then hit a sacrifice fly to left, which allowed Cocks to tag up on third and score safely, giving UAlbany a 2-0 lead. The score held until the top of the sixth inning, when UAlbany added four more runs. Cocks led off with a single to left field. Castro hit a double down the left field line, pushing Cocks to third. Snow worked a walk, loading the bases once again. Solano hit a single down the right field line, scoring Cocks and Castro and advancing Snow to third. A pair of pinch runners entered the game, Kayla Bailey for Solano at first and Emily Ostrom for Snow at third. Lauren Alcorn, the next batter, hit a single to right, which allowed Ostrom to score from third and pushed Bailey to third. Jess Tate struck out for UAlbany’s first out of the inning, and Alexa Toole followed by opposing up to second. During McFarland’s at-bat, UAlbany attempted a double-steal. Alcorn was caught in a rundown, but delayed getting tagged long enough for Bailey to score safely from third. UAlbany now led 6-0. McFarland led off the top of the seventh flying out to center. Costello then worked a walk, before getting forced out at second when Cocks hit into a fielder’s choice. With two outs, Castro hit a two-run home run to center, giving UAlbany an 8-0 lead. Stony Brook scored their first and only run in the bottom of the seventh inning, a leadoff home run by the left fielder. The game ended when the Seawolves’ second baseman poetically gounded out to MacFawn on the mound. Cocks hit 2-3 with three runs scored and one RBI. Castro hit 3-3 with a home run, two runs scored and two RBIs. And Solano hit 1-2 with three RBIs. UAlbany will return home and await their next opponent, who will be announced tonight at 10:00 p.m. on ESPNU. The NCAA Regional round will be held from May 16-18 in 16, four-team double elimination tournaments. Sixteen teams will advance to the Super Regional round.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

#15 UAlbany Men's Lacrosse Takes Down #1 Loyola 13-6 to Advance to 2014 NCAA Quarter Finals

BALTIMORE – Tasked with taking on the #1 team in the nation on the road, the UAlbany men’s lacrosse team put its strong defensive performance of the year together to shut down 3-seed Loyola 13-6 to move on to the NCAA Quarterfinals. UAlbany (12-5) allowed just six goals, to Loyola (15-2), its lowest goal-mark of the year after giving up seven goals in wins over Stony Brook and Binghamton. Blaze Riorden had 13 saves in the cage did not allow more than two goals in any quarter on Saturday. “When you get to championship play, you need good defense,” said UAlbany head coach Scott Marr. “Blaze [Riorden] was outstanding today, and I am proud of our team for preparing this week and playing well.” “Props to my defense, they forced shots that I could save,” added Riorden. “Everyone was on the same page today, we put together a full 60 minutes of offense and defense.” The Great Danes win their second-ever DI NCAA Tournament game, defeating Loyola 19-10 in Albany in 2007. They will advance to take on the winner of Harvard-Notre Dame in Hempstead, New York on Saturday, May 17. On the offensive end, the Thompson brothers, each Tewaaraton finalists, continued to set records. Lyle Thompson now stands with the DI single season record in points with 122, earning three goals and five assists. Miles Thompson is second on that list with 115 after scoring five goals and two assists. Ty Thompson earned three goals, giving the Thompson trio 18 points in the game. “I was waiting for them to slide, and they did not,” said Lyle Thompson, who dueled with fellow Tewaaraton finalist Joe Fletcher all day. “Fletcher did a great job setting position, and I kept waiting for a mistake, and it did not come, so I had to make my own shot.” “Last year, we were happy to be in the tournament, but this year we feel we are capable of winning it,” said Miles Thompson. “This was our best game of the year because of our defense.” For Loyola, Justin Ward and Pat Laconi each had a pair of goals. Jack Runkel had 11 saves in 54:58 of play in the defeat. After Artie Marrapese won the first faceoff, Lyle Thompson got around Fletcher and scored in the corner to put UAlbany in the lead. That goal gave Lyle Thompson his 115th point, setting a new DI single season record. As Riorden held in the cage with saves to hold on defense, the other way, Miles Thompson beat his defender and scored with 8:31 left in the 1st for a 2-0 UAlbany lead. After some back-and-forth play, Laconi scored for Loyola to put the home team on the board. 45 seconds later, Matthew Bertrams caused a turnover, cleared, passed to Jon Newhouse. Newhouse scored his first goal of the year in transition to put UAlbany up 3-1 with 2:04 left in the 1st, the eventual final period score. UAlbany defended to start the second, with a Loyola post shot and a Matt Garziano caused turnover stopping two Greyhound possessions. After the turnover, Lyle Thompson pulled two defenders to free Miles Thompson, who pocketed the goal point-blank to put UAlbany up by three. Following another Riorden save, UAlbany went quickly and scored again via Lyle Thompson to Miles Thompson with 6:51 left in the 2nd. Following the media timeout, Loyola won the faceoff and scored quickly with Romar Dennis getting the goal, followed by a Nikko Pontrello goal 13 seconds later for Loyola. Marrapese won the next faceoff to stop the Loyola burst. Miles Thompson scored with 2:30 to go in the half, then following a UAlbany caused turnovers, Lyle Thompson with 7.5 seconds left and a defender next to him shoveled a pass into the net, putting the Great Danes into the locker room up 7-3. The Great Danes held off a man-up opportunity in the half’s opening minutes, and a Riorden save stopped the Loyola possession. UAlbany clears and missed on a man-up possession of its own, but at full strength, Miles Thompson passed to Ty Thompson wide open next to the crease. Ty Thompson scored to put UAlbany up 8-3., followed by a Will Stenberg goal from Miles Thompson to make it 9-3. UAlbany’s defense held until 4:02 left in the third quarter, when Laconi scored in transition for Loyola. Following that goal and a UAlbany faceoff win, a lightning delay stopped the game for 30 minutes with 3:16 in the third. After the delay, Justin Ward wrapped around the cage and scored with 2.9 seconds left for Loyola. UAlbany took a 9-5 lead into the fourth quarter. Loyola won the first faceoff in the fourth, but the UAlbany defense held twice with caused turnovers. On offense, Lyle Thompson pulled two defenders again, freeing up Ty Thompson in front of the cage for the score, putting UAlbany up 10-5. UAlbany starting killing the clock with a combination on Riorden saves and holding the ball on offense. Lyle Thompson and Miles Thompson added goals to increase the lead to 12-5 with 4:18 left. Ward scored to stop the 3-0 UAlbany run with 3:50 left to play. The UAlbany defense held the rest of the way, with Ty Thompson scoring another goal to seal the 13-6 victory.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

University of Albany Men's Lacrosse: Lyle Thompson, Miles Thompson Named Two of Five Tewaaraton Finalists

Tewaaraton Foundation Press Release WASHINGTON – UAlbany attackmen Lyle Thompson and Miles Thompson have been selected as Tewaaraton Finalists, the Tewaaraton Foundation announced on Thursday. The Thompson brothers are two of five finalists selected for the Tewaaraton committee. The committee is made up of NCAA coaches throughout the country, selecting the top-five players in all divisions of lacrosse for consideration for the Tewaaraton Trophy. Lyle Thompson is named a Tewaaraton finalist for the second year in a row, while Miles Thompson earns the honor for the first time. Lyle Thompson’s finalist selection last season was the first for UAlbany since Frank Resetarits was one of the final five in 2007. In Tewaaraton history, which dates back to 2001, UAlbany has earned four of the five finalists all-time from the America East Conference. This is the fifth year, and first since 2011, that teammates have been finalists for the Tewaaraton Trophy. Previous years of two teammate-finalists include 2011 (Syracuse), 2006 (Virginia), 2003 (Johns Hopkins) and 2002 (Syracuse). The Tewaaraton Trophy will be award at a ceremony in Washington, D.C. on May 29th at the National Museum of the American Nation. Lyle Thompson is currently the top scorer in Division I, matching the DI single season record with 114 points to become the first player in DI history with back-to-back 100-point seasons. The junior attackman and America East Player of the Year leads the nation with 69 assists, just eight shy of the DI single season record, and adds 45 goals. His 7.13 points per game is nearly a point-and-a-half more than any other non-UAlbany player. This year, he has not scored below four points in a game. Miles Thompson is the top finisher in all of lacrosse, leading DI with 74 goals, the second-highest single season mark in DI history. He is second in DI in points per game with 6.75, adding 34 assists to total 108 points on the year, tied for the fourth highest mark ever in a single DI season. His 4.63 goals per game are nearly one-and-a-half goals more than second-place Matt Gregoire of UMBC. The senior attackman and All-America East First Team player has scored at least four points in 15 of his 16 games. The other three finalists include Duke attackman Jordan Wolf, Loyola defenseman Joe Fletcher and Princeton midfielder Tom Schreiber.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

University of Albany Men's Lacrosse: Miles Thompson Holds Longest Active Goal Scoring Streak in DI Men’s Lacrosse

ALBANY, N.Y. – Having scored at least one goal in each of his last 30 games played, UAlbany attackman Miles Thompson has the longest active goal-scoring streak in Division I. The streak became Thompson’s after the previous leader, Tommy McKee of Air Force, has held without a goal against Fairfield, snapping his streak of 33 games. Thompson’s streak started on May 2, 2012 with a five-goal performance at UMBC. Including that game, Thompson has tallied 123 goals in his 30 games played. In comparison, currently second on the active goal-scoring streak in Matt Springer of Binghamton with a 27-game streak, tallying 73 goals in that time. Thompson continued that streak this weekend with a pair of seven-goal performances against Stony Brook and UMBC. This season, he has scored at least four goals in 11 of UAlbany’s 16 games. In addition, Thompson has scored a point in each of his last 51 games played, the third-longest active streak in DI. He has scored 258 points in that time.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

2014 University of Albany Women’s Track Wins Sixth Consecutive America East Title

BURLINGTON, Vt. – The University at Albany women’s outdoor track program won their sixth consecutive America East outdoor title on Sunday, successfully defending last year’s title as well as their most recent indoor title from earlier this year. The women scored 196 points to win the team competition. Vermont placed second as a team, scoring 142.50 points, and Binghamton was third with 130.50 points. After the first day of competition, the UAlbany women were second in the team standings behind Vermont, having scored 38 points. UAlbany placed third through fifth in the shot put. Janice Johnson, fresh of a personal best at Penn Relays, led UAlbany in third with a throw of 42’-6.75”. School record holder Samantha Kosa was fourth with a throw of 42’-0.5”. And Veleisha Walker, who broke her own school record in the javelin the day before, finished fifth, throwing 40’-7”. The Danes scored two athletes in the women’s high jump. Ashley Grant finished seventh, clearing 5’-5”, and Min Pacella was eighth, clearing 5’-3”. Solène Bastien and Pony Sokiri placed second and third respectively in the triple jump. Bastien jumped 39’-1.75” and Sokiri jumped 38’-8.25”. T’Sian Haywood finished fifth, jumping 38’-1.25”. Lauren Lopano placed second in the discus, throwing 136’-8”. Kosa was fourth, recording a mark of 133’-4”, and Walker was fifth, throwing 131’-5”. The track events began with the 4x100 relay. The team of ToniAnn Werner, Jillian Haynes, Michelle Anthony, and Kahlia Taylor finished third in 47.47. Kathryn Fanning placed second in the 1,500 in 4:22.81, a new personal best and school record by two-hundredths of a second. Kamilah Williams placed fourth in the 400, finishing in 57.06 behind a top-three UMBC sweep. Michelle Anthony and Tynelle Taylor-Chase swept the top two spots in the women’s hurdles. Anthony won in 14.08 and Taylor-Chase was second in 14.10. CiCi Simon finished eighth in 14.82. Brianne Bellon finished third in the 800 in 2:11.23, and Dominique Claudio was fifth in 2:13.83. Bellon’s time was her best of the season, and Claudio’s was a new personal best. Haynes placed fifth in the 100, finishing in 12.08. Taylor-Chase followed up her second place in the high hurdles with a victory in the 400 hurdles, finishing in 59.70. She was the only athlete to break 60 in the race. Aderinsola Ajala finished third in 1:01.82. Haynes finished fourth in the 200 in 24.43. Silvia Del Fava won the 5,000 in 16:48.18, defeating the runner-up by more than 18 seconds. Paige Vadnais placed third in the heptathlon, scoring 4,312 points. On the first day of competition, she won the 100 hurdles in 14.93, tied for seventh in the high jump in 4’-11.5”, was 10th in the shot put in 27’-1”, and was fourth in the 200 in 26.58. On the second day, she was sixth in the long jump in 16’-2.5”, seventh in the javelin in 76’-7”, and second in the 800 in 2:23.86. In the relays, the 4x800 team of Breanna Cummings, Claudio, Bellon, and Fanning placed first in 8:59,13. They were the only squad to run under 9:00. The 4x400 team of Ajala, Williams, Ashley Moxam, and Taylor-Chase closed the meet in third place, finishing in 3:53.10. The women enjoy their sixth consecutive championship alongside the men’s team, who won their tenth straight, scoring 208 points. Next on the schedule for UAlbany is the third and final home meet of the year, the UAlbany Last Chance meet, on Saturday, May 10. A week later, the team will head to Princeton University to compete at ECAC Championships, without the seniors, who will be attending their commencement ceremony.

2014 University of Albany Men’s Track Wins 10th Consecutive America East Outdoor Title

BURLINGTON, Vt. – The University at Albany men’s outdoor track program successfully defended their indoor and outdoor titles at the America East Outdoor Championships on Sunday, and extended their streak of consecutive outdoor titles to 10. The men scored 208 points to claim the team title, comfortably distancing themselves from runner-up UMBC, who scored 165. Binghamton finished third with 124 points. The men concluded the first day of competition leading the team standing with 63 points. Three field events were contested on the second day of competition, with the others having been completed on the first day. Abel Gilet placed third in the discus, with a mark of 155’-1”. Simon Cleary was eighth, throwing 144’-1”. Gilet was seventh in the shot put with a mark of 48’-4.5”. Christopher Stephenson placed fourth in the triple jump, recording a mark of 47’-5”. The track events began with the running of the 4x100 relay. The team of Robert Harris III, Jaymen Teemer, Winston McCormack Jr., and Kareem Morris claimed victory with a time of 41.05. Dylan Lowry then placed fourth in the 1,500, finishing in 3:57.52. The men swept the top three places in the 400. Defending indoor and outdoor champion Taariq Jones won the event in 48.16. Fellow sophomore Jason Tomlinson was second in 48.66. Former champion Jonathan Santana finished third in 48.91. In the 110 hurdles, Matthew Catera, doubling up from the decathlon, placed fourth with a time of 14.78. Rudje Beckford immediately followed Catera in fifth, finishing in 14.95. John DeLallo placed third in the 800 in 1:51.51. The Danes scored four athletes in the 100. Morris placed second in 10.67. Harris III was third in 10.70. Teemer was seventh in 10.89. McCormack Jr. was eighth in 10.96. All four athletes ran on the victorious 4x100 relay. UAlbany finished second and third in the 400 hurdles. Jeremiah Obeng-Agyapong was second in 52.84, and Larry Ramirez followed in third in 53.38. Like the 100, UAlbany scored four athletes in the 200. The same group as the 100 placed third through sixth in the finals. Morris led the way in third in 21.38. Teemer was fourth in 21.66. Harris III was fifth in 21.86. And McCormack Jr. was sixth in 22.06. Catera won the decathlon, scoring 6,573 points. Along the way, he won the 100 in 11.18, was second in the long jump in 20’-7”, fourth in the shot put in 38’-2.25”, fourth in the high jump in 5’-10”, and first in the 400 in 51.26. On the second day, Catera was first in the 110 hurdles in 14.87, third in the discus in 110’-4”, second in the pole vault in 14’-7.25”, fourth in the javelin in 135’-3”, and fifth in the 1,500 in 5:01.45. Donald DiBari finished seventh overall, scoring 5,361 points, and Stefan Buechele was eighth with 5,176 points. In the relays, the 4x800 team of Daryl Subran, Raymond Farinella, Lowry, and DeLallo placed fourth in 7:41.04. The 4x400 team of Obeng-Agyapong, Ramirez, Tomlinson, and Jones concluded the meet with a victory, finishing in 3:16.23. The men enjoy their 10th consecutive championship alongside the women’s team, who won their sixth straight, scoring 196 points. Next on the schedule for UAlbany is the third and final home meet of the year, the UAlbany Last Chance meet, on Saturday, May 10. A week later, the team will head to Princeton University to compete at IC4A Championships, without the seniors, who will be attending their commencement ceremony.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

University of Albany Men’s Lacrosse Repeats as America East Champions with 20-11 Victory over UMBC

(Photo courtesy of the America East) Box Score | Box Score (PDF) STONY BROOK, N.Y. – Last season, UAlbany defeated UMBC by nine to secure the America East title. In 2014, the Great Danes did it again. UAlbany took down UMBC 20-11 in Stony Brook to earn its second-consecutive America East title and sixth in school history. “We are thrilled to be champions again, what an unbelievable effort from our team, from our faceoff guy and then our defense, and then our offense took over in the second half,” said UAlbany coach Scott Marr, who has been at the helm for all six of the school’s America East titles. With the victory, UAlbany (11-5) has earned an automatic qualifier into the NCAA Tournament starting next week. The selection show will be tomorrow on ESPNU at 9 p.m. Lyle Thompson, named to the AE All-Tournament Team earned eight points in the game, off three goals and five assists, to total 114 for the season, tying the NCAA Division I single season points record set by Steve Marohl of UMBC in 1992. “It is not a thought in my head, but it is an honor to have my name in the history books,” said Thompson. “But it is more important for us to get the win today as a team.” Miles Thompson earned America East Tournament MVP, scoring seven goals and two assists today, after earning 18 goals and four assists in the tournament. His 18 goals and 22 total points are new conference tournament records. The duo also set a new NCAA Division I first, becoming the first pair of teammates to each score over 100 points in the same season. Lyle Thompson has 114 points, while Miles Thompson currently has 106. “One of our goals was to win the America East championship, but a bigger goal is to win the NCAA,” said Miles Thompson. “We have been working on this all year, and we are excited to go back to the NCAA,” added Ty Thompson, who had four goals today. In addition, Doug Eich and Blaze Riorden also were named to the AE All-Tournament Team. Eich, after earning the game-winning goal yesterday, caused two turnovers and had an assist. Riorden earned the victory in the cage with 10 saves. For UMBC (8-7), Pat Young led the team with three goals and an assist. Matt Gregoire had a hat trick. The loss went to Connor Gordon, who had four saves and allowed 13 goals in 38:37 of play. UMBC controlled the faceoff-X early, with Young finding the net on a hard shot over Riorden’s shoulder. UAlbany countered quickly, forcing turnovers after lost faceoffs to keep control. Lyle Thompson emerged from behind the cage after a ground ball to score, then Miles Thompson added another after getting knocked to the ground by a double team and scoring on his back. That goal gave Miles Thompson his 100th point of the year. After another turnover off the faceoff, Tim Cox burst away from his defender and scored straight away. Nate Lewnes stopped the run with a man-up goal, then UAlbany countered with two rocket shot goals from Ryan Feuerstein and Miles Thompson, leading 5-2 after the first quarter. Déjà vu in the second quarter as UMBC got the faceoff and Young scored again in the period’s opening minute. About six minutes later, Gregoire added one after a teammate drew a double team, as UMBC pulled within one. With 6:25 left in the period, Lyle Thompson scored after using a hard stutter step to shake off a defender behind the cage, emerging and scoring. On a man-up chance, Miles Thompson passed to Ty Thompson right next to the goal for the catch and shoot score. As UAlbany tried for the last shot, UMBC forced a turnover and tried to clear. Eich picked up a pass at midfield, threw to Ty Thompson, who fired from long range and scored just as the clock hit zero to put UAlbany into the locker room up 8-4. UAlbany struck first in the third quarter as Matt Garziano placed a pass perfectly to Miles Thompson next to the goal circle for the score. UMBC kept control of the faceoff and scored two-straight from Ty Kashur and Young. UAlbany countered by peppering the cage for six-straight goals: Miles Thompson, Feuerstein, Cox, Lyle Thompson twice then Miles Thompson scored in succession to build the lead to 15-6. A Joseph Impallaria goal off the faceoff for UMBC stopped the UAlbany run. The Great Danes put the lead back to nine with a Thompson trio connection: Miles Thompson forced the turnover, passed to Lyle Thompson, who passed to Ty Thompson for the score, making it 16-7 at the end of the third. UAlbany did not let up in the fourth quarter, starting the period on a 4-0 run. Garziano scored on a pass from Miles Thompson, then the latter scored from Lyle Thompson. After Ty Thompson scored from the pass from Bennett Drake, Miles Thompson delivered the 20th goal on a behind-the-back shot from Lyle Thompson. Lyle Thompson earned his 114th point with 10:23 left in the fourth quarter to tie the NCAA Division I single season points record. UMBC finished the game on a 4-0 run, but UAlbany held for the 20-11 victory.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

University of Albany Men's Lacrosse: Lyle Thompson AE Player of the Year, Scott Marr AE Co-Coach of the Year to Highlight League Honors

2014 America East All-Conference Teams (America East Release) STONY BROOK, N.Y. – After UAlbany ran the table in conference play, Lyle Thompson was named the 2014 America East Player of the Year and Scott Marr was selected as the league Co-Coach of the Year, released at the conference yearly banquet on Wednesday. Thompson, a unanimous selection, becomes the first two-time America East Player of the Year, earning the honor last season, since UMBC’s Brendan Mundorf in 2005 and 2006. Just one other player, Delaware’s Anthony DiMarzo in 1993 and 1994, has won it twice. Marr becomes the second four-time America East Coach of the Year, having earned the honor in 2002, 2007 and 2013. He shares the honor with Bob Shillinglaw of Delaware (1992-94, 1999). In addition, UAlbany led the league with five All-America East First Team players and seven total all-conference selections. Lyle Thompson, Miles Thompson, Ryan Feuerstein, Doug Eich and Blaze Riorden earned First Team status. UAlbany’s five matches the most amount of All-AE First Team players in school history in 2005 and 2007. Ty Thompson and Cody Futia earned a place on the Second Team. Also, Bennett Drake and Adam Osika were placed on the All-Rookie Team, while Futia and John Maloney were honored on the All-Academic Team. Lyle Thompson, a Tewaaraton nominee, earns his second-straight America East Player of the Year honor and all-conference first team selection after being the leading-point scorer in all of Division I. Earning at least four points in all 14 games played, the junior attack has earned a Division I-best 61 assists and 37 goals, standing just two points away from being the first Division I player ever to earn two 100-point seasons. He also added 13 caused turnovers on the ride and 37 ground balls. For the second-consecutive year and fourth year overall, Scott Marr is honored as an America East Coach of the Year. He coached UAlbany to a second-consecutive undefeated league season and America East regular season title with the top scoring offense in all of lacrosse. In conference play, the Great Danes averaged five more goals a game, 18.2 per contest, than the next team, UMBC, at 13.2. Miles Thompson, also a Tewaaraton nominee, earns All-AE First Team standing after being the top goal-scorer in all of Division I. The senior attack has tallied 60 goals and 30 assists for 90 points, the second-strongest mark in DI, adding 22 ground balls and six caused turnovers. He earned at least four points in 13 of 14 games and earned America East Player of the Week honors four times, the most for any player in the conference this season. This is his second-straight First Team all-conference selection and third-straight all-league selection. Ryan Feuerstein earns All-America East First Team honors, his second all-conference selection in two years, after being one of the top two-way senior midfielders in the league. He has 17 goals and six assists on the offensive end and 30 ground balls and eight caused turnovers the other way. Some of his best games were in conference play, including a three-goal game in the win over Vermont and a five-point contest, including four assists, in the victory over Stony Brook. Doug Eich, the UAlbany defensive captain, earns his first all-conference selection by getting on the First Team. The senior close defenseman tallied 20 ground balls and 10 caused turnovers, also adding a pair of assists in a win over UMBC, where he also caused three turnovers, his second such game in the season. Eich’s defense helped such players as Hartford’s Kevin O’Shea and Stony Brook’s Brody Eastwood, their respective teams’ top scorers, to no points. Blaze Riorden was named All-America East First Team, his second all-conference selection, after leading the conference, and for a while all of Division I, in saves per game and save percentage. Compiling a 9-5 record, the sophomore has a 56.3% save percentage, with 13.64 saves per game, and allows 11.13 goals per game. He had at least 15 saves in a game five times. He also caused seven turnovers and scored a goal with a short stick. Ty Thompson earns all-conference second team for the second year in row after being one of the top shooters in the league. Through 14 games, the senior attack has 32 goals and 11 assists, adding 15 ground balls. He scored in every game for UAlbany this year, including five-goal performances against Syracuse and UMass and five points against UMBC. Cody Futia is an All-America East Second Team player for the third season in a row for UAlbany. The senior close defenseman caused 13 turnovers and scooped 16 ground balls for the Great Danes, leading UAlbany in the latter category. His strongest game came against Siena, where he had three ground balls and three caused turnovers. He also earned All-Academic status for the second-straight year, having a 3.73 GPA in business administration. Bennett Drake placed on the All-Rookie Team after being a strong offensive player in man-up situations. The freshman attack leads the America East with 10 man-up goals, totaling 13 goals and two assists this year. Drake scored in every league game, starting with a three-goal performance against Vermont, and has earned goals in his last seven contests. Adam Osika also was named to the All-Rookie Team as a two-way midfielder. The freshman finished the regular season with two goals, an assist and six ground balls, often leading a defensive midfield unit. He earned points in some of UAlbany’s biggest victories against Harvard and UMass. John Maloney is a member of the All-Academic Team, earning a 3.51 GPA in biology. On the field, the sophomore is the top-scoring midfielder for UAlbany with 20 goals, including five in man-up situations, and 12 ground balls. He had four points against Syracuse and scored five points, including four goals, in the victory over UMass. Marr shared America East Coach of the Year honors with Binghamton’s Scott Nelson, while Vermont’s Ian MacKay was named the conference Rookie of the Year.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

University of Albany Men's Lacrosse: Lyle Thompson, Miles Thompson Named 2014 Tewaaraton Nominees

Full List of Tewaaraton nominees (Inside Lacrosse website) WASHINGTON – UAlbany attackmen Lyle Thompson and Miles Thompson have been named as two of 28 nominees for the Tewaaraton Trophy, the Tewaaraton Foundation announced on Friday. This is the second year in a row that Lyle Thompson has earned a Tewaaraton nomination, becoming one of the five finalists by year’s end. Miles Thompson earns nominee status for the first time in his collegiate career. It is also the second year in a row that UAlbany has had two nominees for the Tewaaraton. Last season, Lyle Thompson and Ty Thompson each were nominees in 2013. Lyle Thompson, a junior from the Onondaga Nation, leads all of Division I in points and assists per game. As of Friday, he stands with 31 goals and 57 assists to total 88 points, adding 36 ground balls and 12 caused turnovers. He has earned at least four points in all of UAlbany’s games this season. Miles Thompson, a senior from the Onondaga Nation, is the Division I leader in goals per game and stands second in points per game. He has tallied 57 goals and 28 assists this year as well as 22 ground balls. He has scored six or more points in 11 out of 13 UAlbany games this year. The 28 nominees were announced live on ESPNU on Friday night. The five men’s finalists will be announced on Thursday, May 8th.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

#16/18 UAlbany Men's Lacrosse Takes on #10/10 Johns Hopkins on ESPNU

BALTIMORE – The Great Danes head south to Baltimore for another matchup of ranked teams, taking on Johns Hopkins at Homewood Field on Friday, April 4th at 7 p.m. The game will be broadcast live nationally on ESPNU and online on WatchESPN, commentated by Mike Corey, Quint Kessenich and Jesse Schwartzman. Tickets for the game are available on the Johns Hopkins athletics site. Splitting games during the week, the Great Danes went to #16 in the USILA Coaches Poll and #18 in the Warrior DI Media Poll. Johns Hopkins currently stands #10 in each the Coaches and Media Poll. America East representative UAlbany had its first league game on Saturday with a 20-9 victory over Vermont, coming into Friday at 4-4 overall and 1-0 in-conference. Johns Hopkins is in its last year as an independent before joining the Big Ten next year. Coming off a 13-9 loss to UNC for its third-straight, the Blue Jays are 5-3. This will be the 13th-straight and final year UAlbany and JHU will meet at Homewood. JHU leads the overall series 10-2, but UAlbany defeated the Blue Jays last season 10-9. UAlbany has the top scoring offense in all of Division I, averaging 15.75 goals a game in its first eight contests. Lyle Thompson already has an NCAA-high 34 assists and 55 points for a DI-best 6.88 a game, while brother Miles Thompson earns an NCAA-best 4.13 goals a game, tallying 33 goals and 17 assists. Ty Thompson stands 42nd in DI with 2.38 goals a game, totaling 23 thus far. Blaze Riorden is currently leading all of Division I with 14.63 saves per game, earning a 57.1% save percentage, ninth in DI. Helping protect the cage in front of Riorden is Cody Futia, who has seven caused turnovers. One of the top freshmen on the team, James Burdette, who has nine caused turnovers and is the tallest player on the team at 6-foot-6. Johns Hopkins won its first five games this season but has fallen in its last three. Standing fourth in DI with 3.38 goals per game, sophomore attackman Ryan Brown leads the team with 27 goals and 10 assists. Junior attack Wells Stanwick is the main distributor, standing with 11 goals and 23 assists for 2.88 assists a game, fourth in DI. Junior Drew Kennedy is third in DI with a 69% face-off percentage. From Massapequa is JHU’s primary goalkeeper, Eric Schneider, who has a 53.2% save percentage and allows 9.02 goals per game. The main defenders include 6-foot-2 junior John Kelly and junior LSU Michael Pellegrino, who has six caused turnovers.

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